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BACKGROUND: Emergency physicians face the challenge of relieving acute pain daily. While opioids are a potent treatment for pain, the opioid epidemic has ignited a search for nonopioid analgesic alternatives that may decrease the dose or duration of opioid exposure. While behavioral therapies and complementary medicine are effective, they are difficult to deploy in the emergency department. Music is a potential adjunctive therapy that has demonstrated effectiveness in managing pain. OBJECTIVE: O...
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OBJECTIVE: Music has been shown to modulate pain, although the impact of music on specific aspects of nociceptive processing is less well understood. Using quantitative sensory testing (QST), we assessed the impact of a novel music app on specific aspects of nociceptive processing. DESIGN: Within-subjects paired comparison of pain processing in control vs music condition. SETTING: Human psychophysical laboratory. SUBJECTS: Sixty healthy adult volunteers. METHODS: Subjects were assessed for basel...
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Background: Guideline-concordant care (GCC) for DCIS includes surgery, radiation, and endocrine treatment. Active surveillance (AS) is a strategy under study for management of low risk DCIS. The PORTAL Study was designed to evaluate patient reported outcomes (PROs) after GCC for DCIS compared to women who received AS for DCIS combined with women with a history of other atypical lesions (atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH), or atypical lobular hyperplasia/lobular carcinoma in situ (LN), as proxies ...
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Background Thoracic paravertebral blockade is an accepted anesthetic and analgesic technique for breast surgery. However, real-time ultrasound visualization of landmarks in the paravertebral space remains challenging. We aimed to compare ultrasound-image quality, performance times, and clinical outcomes between the traditional parasagittal ultrasound-guided paravertebral block and a modified approach, the ultrasound-guided proximal intercostal block.
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Background: Opioids are a mainstay for postoperative pain following laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (SG). Though effective, opioids are not without risk of adverse events. Preoperative analgesia used to reduce opioid consumption includes intravenous acetaminophen (APAP). Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the impact of preoperative oral APAP on postoperative opioid use and complications. Setting: Educational hospital in the United States of America (USA) Methods: This was a retrospective s...
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Introduction: Excellent postsurgical pain management impacts the comfort and respiratory function of thoracic surgical patients in the time immediately following surgery, and is associated with lower rates of persistent postsurgical pain. Given the negative sequalae associated with perioperative opioid exposure, and the time pressure diminishing enthusiasm for regional anesthesia, interest in extended release formulations of local anesthetics that can be employed by surgeons has grown, and incre...
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Minocycline fails to improve neurologic and histologic outcome after ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest in rats
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Abstract Pain has well-established effects on attention. At present, parallel literatures exist that have examined the effects of experimentally induced pain and consider cognitive performance in patients with chronic pain states. However, no study to date as attempted to examine the combined or differing effects of these 2 manifestations of pain in a single study. Twenty-four participants with fibromyalgia (aged 43.00 ± 28.28 years) and 26 healthy controls (aged 36.07 ± 11.93 years) completed a...
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