Jesse Egbert
Northern Arizona University
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Language users change their written and spoken language according to the situational characteristics and communicative purpose of production—that is, according to the register being produced. Resea...
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Designing chatbots that produce language that is natural and appropriate to a given context is critical in satisfying user expectations. Currently, little is known about how a chatbot's linguistic choices should be designed to conform with the language humans produce in similar contexts. In this paper, we draw on existing sociolinguistic theory to adapt a technique calledregister analysis to (a) characterize the linguistic register used by humans in a specific conversational context; and (b) dri...
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Corpus linguistics is the study of language as expressed in a body of texts or documents. The relative frequency of a word within a text and the dispersion of the word across the collection of text...
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Keyword analysis has become an indispensable tool for discourse analysts, being applied to identify the words that are especially characteristic of the texts in a target discourse domain. But, surp...
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