Cevat Tosun
Gazi University
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Abstract This study examines the moderating role of past experience on the relationship between destination service quality, destination affective image and re-visit intention. With Alanya, Turkey, serving as the destination context, the study population comprises of 539 survey responses from foreign tourists. Structural equation modeling was used to analyze the data with the moderating effect of past experience analyzed using multiple group analysis. In light of the study's findings, perception...
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Bu calisma seyahat acentelerinin web sitelerinde, varsa, cevreyle ilgili sunumlarini ve bu sunumlardan hareket ederek cevreyle ilgili yonelimlerini belirlemek icin tasarlandi. Arastirmanin temel kuramsal varsayimina gore acentelerin kendi web sitelerinde cevrenin korunmasina yerdigi yer, acentelerin cevreye olan ilgilerinin gostergelerinden biridir. Arastirma icin web sitesi olan 1382 acentenin hepsi secildi. Veriler web sitelerinin iceriginden cikartildi ve niceliksel icerik analiziyle degerlen...
Abstract This study was designed to explore the nature of environmental performance of tourism accommodations in Goreme Historical National Park which is in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The data were collected from 73 accommodation managers by using survey questionnaire that included 39 environmental performance indicators. Findings show that tourism accommodations have low performance on energy efficiency, water conservation, responsible waste management, communication, environmental trainin...
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Last.Alan Fyall (BU: Bournemouth University)H-Index: 23
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Abstract This paper provides empirical evidence of the application of various marketing management philosophies by tourism organizations in Turkey. Those studied had the greatest tendency toward product-oriented marketing and the least orientation toward societal marketing. The findings reveal that competency, availability of financial resources, and characteristics of the country’s business environment influence the application of marketing management philosophies in organizations. A deeper ana...
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Last.Alan Fyall (BU: Bournemouth University)H-Index: 23
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This paper examines tourists' perceived satisfaction with local shopping culture, staff service quality, product value and reliability, physical features of shops, payment methods, and other shopping and shop attributes with special reference to the region of Cappadocia, Turkey. A survey questionnaire was designed and conducted with tourists visiting the region on a guided tour. It was found that the respondents recorded different levels of satisfaction with various attributes of shops and shopp...
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Abstract The main objective of this study is to examine nature of community participation expected by various interest groups with special references to a local destination in Turkey. A conceptual framework was developed by examining typologies of community participation. Under the guidance of this conceptual framework, a field research was designed and applied in a case study approach. It was found that different interest groups expected different types of community participation to achieve the...
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Fyall, A., Garrod, B., Tosun, C. (2006). Destination marketing: a framework for future research. In: Progress in Tourism Marketing, Kozak, M., Andreu, L., (Eds). Part II, pp. 75-86.
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Abstract An exploratory study was conducted into Greek-Turkish cross-border cooperation in tourism marketing growth strategies. It identified several strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of cooperative tourism marketing strategies between the two countries. This study also identifies several challenges to cross-border cooperation in tourism marketing in this context. It is suggested that establishing a joint cross-border tourism organization, creating sufficient financial reso...
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Abstract This study has attempted to examine and explain the stages in the emergence of the participatory tourism development approach under prevailing socio-economic, cultural and political conditions in developing countries without ignoring rural, peripheral areas of the developed world. It identifies three stages. These are: (1) the emergence of the pressures from external and internal factors on the central government to accept, support and facilitate the implementation of a participatory de...
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