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Abstract With the prospect of fisheries developing in the Central Arctic Ocean as climate changes and summer sea ice retreats, an effective international agreement is under diplomatic discussion to foster a successful fisheries management regime. This paper explores the implications of the Central Bering Sea experience for a fisheries agreement covering the Central Arctic Ocean. The 1980s and early 1990s witnessed the depletion of pollock resources from overfishing in the Central Bering Sea, a h...
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Abstract The warming global climate is reducing sea-ice coverage in the central Arctic, transforming a mostly inaccessible marine region into a 'new' and relatively poorly studied ocean. History shows that exploitation of newly accessible natural resources tends to precede effective research and management measures. But in response to increasing access to the central Arctic, a precautionary approach has been taking hold, with broad political and scientific support culminating in the Oslo Declara...
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Nature provides critical ecosystem services on which society and businesses rely, but the effort and cost of utilizing those services can change with the climate. Both climatic trend and variance affect these efforts and costs, creating a complex decision space where uncertain future predictions are the rule. Here, we show how these problems mimic option payoffs and demonstrate a modified version of the Black–Scholes option pricing formula (widely used in finance) to analyze these types of busin...
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