Martha-María Téllez-Rojo Solís
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Abstract To explore dietary patterns within the context of the nutrition transition among Mexican adolescents, we employed a mixed-methodology that included survey data from a cohort of 550 adolescents and direct ethnographic observations of six families. From the cohort study, we found that diet tended to cluster into 3 patterns. Interpreting the patterns using the ethnographic observations showed that the dietary clustering likely reflected differences in meal organization driven by socioecono...
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Abstract Phthalates are endocrine disrupting compounds commonly found in consumer products, exposure to which may influence reproductive maturation. Effects from exposure in utero on the onset and progression of sexual development are understudied. We examined longitudinal associations between gestational phthalate exposure and sexual maturation at two points in adolescence (8–14, 9–18 years). Gestational exposure was quantified using the geometric mean of 3 trimester-specific urinary phthalate ...
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Abstract Background Exposure to air pollution is associated with increased blood pressure (BP) in adults and children. Some evidence suggests that air pollution exposure during the prenatal period may contribute to adverse cardiorenal health later in life. Here we apply a distributed lag model (DLM) approach to identify critical windows that may underlie the association between prenatal particulate matter ≤ 2.5 μm in diameter (PM2.5) exposure and children's BP at ages 4–6 years. Methods Particip...
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ABSTRACTDNA methylation microarrays have been the platform of choice for epigenome-wide association studies in epidemiology, but declining costs have rendered targeted bisulphite sequencing a feasi...
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Phthalates are associated with several adverse health outcomes, but few studies have evaluated phthalate exposures in Mexican populations, particularly pregnant women. Between 2007 and 2011, 948 pregnant women from Mexico City were recruited as part of the PROGRESS cohort. We quantified 17 metabolites of phthalates and phthalate alternatives in urine samples collected during the second and third trimesters and examined temporal trends of metabolites concentrations, within-person reproducibility,...
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We evaluated: (1) associations of prenatal manganese (Mn) levels with child neurodevelopment at 4–6 years; (2) effect modification by maternal anemia and iron deficiency; and (3) sex-specific effects. We measured blood Mn, hemoglobin, and serum ferritin in mothers at the second trimester, third trimester, and at birth, and in cord blood from a prospective birth cohort in Mexico City (n = 571). McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities were measured at 4–6 years. Using linear regression, we estimat...
Pregnancy is a contributor to the obesity epidemic in women, probably through postpartum weight retention (PPWR), weight gain (PPWG), or a combination of both (PPWR + WG). The contribution of these patterns of postpartum weight change to long-term maternal health remains understudied. In a secondary analysis of 361 women from the prospective cohort PROGRESS, we evaluated the associations between patterns of weight change one year after delivery and cardiometabolic risk factors at six years postp...
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Abstract Background Occupational studies have shown an association between elevated Mn exposure and depressive symptoms. Blood Mn (BMn) naturally rises during pregnancy due to mobilization from tissues, suggesting it could contribute to pregnancy and postpartum depressive symptoms. Objectives To assess the association between BMn levels during pregnancy and postpartum depression (PPD), creating opportunities for possible future interventions. Methods We studied 561 women from the reproductive lo...
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Abstract Background Postpartum depression (PPD), which affects up to 1 in 5 mothers globally, negatively impacts the health of both mothers and children. Exposure to ambient air pollution has been linked to depressive symptoms in animal models and human studies, but the relationship between air pollution and PPD has not been widely studied. Methods In a birth cohort in Mexico City (509 mothers with available data), we examined the association between exposure to particulate matter ≤2.5 μm in dia...