Dario Stupar
Queensland University of Technology
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Published on Apr 1, 2015in International Wound Journal 2.38
Gary K. Shooter8
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Derek R. Van Lonkhuyzen8
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+ 6 AuthorsZee Upton29
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The majority of the population experience successful wound-healing outcomes; however, 1-3% of those aged over 65 years experience delayed wound healing and wound perpetuation. These hard-to-heal wounds contain degraded and dysfunctional extracellular matrix (ECM); yet, the integrity of this structure is critical in the processes of normal wound healing. Here, we evaluated a novel synthetic matrix protein for its ability to act as an acellular scaffold that could replace dysfunctional ECM. In thi...
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Published on Dec 1, 2013in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 3.44
Manaswini Sivaramakrishnan5
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(Queensland University of Technology),
Tristan I. Croll14
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+ 4 AuthorsGary K. Shooter8
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(Queensland University of Technology)
Numerous studies have reported associations between IGF-I and other extra cellular matrix (ECM) proteins, including fibronectin (FN), integrins, IGF-binding proteins (IGFBPs) and through IGFBPs, with vitronectin (VN). Nevertheless, the precise nature and mechanisms of these interactions are still being characterised. In this paper, we discuss transglutaminases (TGases) as a constituent of the ECM and provide evidence for the first time that IGF-I is a lysine (K)-donor substrate to TGases. When I...
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