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Ecotourism has become the focal point in a wide range of discussions and interests of private and public sectors, policy makers, academicians, researchers, local people, and environmentalists. Many scholars and researchers uphold the widely avowed idea that ecotourism is to use natural and cultural resources in a sustainable way and to enable economic development of the local people. Not every scholar and researcher shares this view because, from the beginning onwards, ecotourism has always been...
Abstract This study was designed to explore the nature of Turkish college students’ environmental worldviews and test hypothesized relations on environmental views, environmental course status, gender, school status and socio-economic status. A sample of 1295 undergraduate students from four Turkish universities was selected for the study and their views were measured on 25 statements. A self-administered survey questionnaire was used to collect the data. Study findings indicated that 56.5% of s...
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This study was designed to explore the environmental worldviews of Turkish university students and assess the reliability and dimensionality of the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP) scale by examining the nature of responses of students. A sample of 1295 undergraduate students from four universities was selected. Students’ worldviews were measured by the NEP scale which consisted of 15 statements. The study findings indicate that there is no widespread support for the NEP: 56.0 % of students hold pr...
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#1Nazmiye ErdoganH-Index: 5
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Abstract This study was designed to explore the nature of environmental performance of tourism accommodations in Goreme Historical National Park which is in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The data were collected from 73 accommodation managers by using survey questionnaire that included 39 environmental performance indicators. Findings show that tourism accommodations have low performance on energy efficiency, water conservation, responsible waste management, communication, environmental trainin...
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The recent interest in cigarette smoking among university students has brought attention to problems concerning opinions, attitudes, prevention, health education, policy formulation and implementation. This survey research tested five hypotheses on the views of college students about smoking in school hallways and cafeteria, compliance with anti smoking laws, considering cigarette smoking as an expression of freedom of choice, teachers’ smoking in classrooms and in their offices, and school admi...
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Abstract This study was designed to investigate the general nature of environmental protection, waste management, purchasing, energy use, and conservation practices of hotels in Ankara, Turkey. It explored the extent of environmental protection practices so the hotel industry could evaluate its position on environmental issues and so that other interested parties, including academics, can obtain fresh information for a distinctive part of the world. The data were collected by means of questionna...
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