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Background: Identifying persons at risk for cognitive decline may aid in early detection of persons at risk of dementia and to select those that would benefit most from therapeutic or preventive measures for dementia. Objective: In this study we aimed to validate whether cognitive decline in the general population can be predicted with multivariate data using a previously proposed supervised classification method: Disease State Index (DSI). Methods: We included 2,542 participants, non-demented a...
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textabstractObjective: To investigate the association of migraine genetic variants with cerebral blood flow (CBF). Background: Migraine is a common disorder with many genetic and non-genetic factors affecting its occurrence. The exact pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the disease remain unclear, but are known to involve hemodynamic and vascular disruptions. Recent genome-wide association studies have identified 44 genetic variants in 38 genetic loci that affect the risk of migraine, which...
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Abstract Physical activity and sedentary behaviors have been linked to a variety of general health benefits and problems. However, few studies have examined how physical activity during childhood is related to brain development, with the majority of work to date focusing on cardio-metabolic health. This study examines the association between physical activity and screen time with white matter microstructure in the general pediatric population. In a sample of 2,532 children (10.12 ± 0.58 years; 5...
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OBJECTIVE To provide population-based distributions of thoracic aortic diameters in men and women aged 55 years or older and to identify determinants of thoracic aortic diameters. METHODS From 2003 to 2006, 2505 participants (1208 men, mean age 69.1±6.8 years) from the prospective population-based Rotterdam Study underwent non-enhanced cardiac CT. The diameter of the ascending (AA) and descending aorta (DA) was measured at the level of the pulmonary bifurcation. RESULTS The mean diameter of the ...
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Background and Purpose— Blood pressure (BP) variability may increase the risk of stroke and dementia. It remains inconclusive whether BP variability is associated with cerebral small vessel disease...
#1Yuan Ma (Harvard University)
#2Alex Song (Brown University)
Last.Stefania I. Papatheodorou (Harvard University)H-Index: 16
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Background and Purpose- Blood pressure (BP) variability may increase the risk of stroke and dementia. It remains inconclusive whether BP variability is associated with cerebral small vessel disease, a common and potentially devastating subclinical disease that contributes significantly to both stroke and dementia. Methods- A systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies that examined the association between BP variability and the presence or progression of established markers...
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The spatial distribution of atrophy in neurodegenerative diseases suggests that brain connectivity mediates disease propagation. Different descriptors of the connectivity graph potentially relate to different underlying mechanisms of propagation. Previous approaches for evaluating the influence of connectivity on neurodegeneration consider each descriptor in isolation and match predictions against late-stage atrophy patterns. We introduce the notion of a topological profile - a characteristic co...
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Objective: To assess the relation between a sum score of imaging markers indicative of cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) and cognitive impairment, stroke, dementia, and mortality in a general population. Methods: One thousand six hundred twenty-two stroke-free and dementia-free participants of the population-based Rotterdam Study (mean age 73.1 years, 54.3% women) underwent brain MRI (1.5 tesla) in 2005–2011 and were followed for stroke, dementia and death until 2016–2017. Four MRI markers (stri...