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Background Clinically-available biomarkers to identify the fraction of patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC) who respond to immune-checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) are lacking. High nonsynonymous tumor mutational burden (TMB), as assessed by whole exome sequencing, correlates with improved clinical outcomes for patients with SCLC treated with ICIs. Whether TMB as assessed by targeted next generation sequencing (NGS) is associated with improved efficacy of ICIs in patients with SCLC is currentl...
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Background With the current rise of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, it is important to monitor the efficacy of antimicrobials in clinical use. Paeniclostridium sordellii (previously Clostridium sordellii) is a bacterial pathogen that causes human uterine infection after spontaneous or medically induced abortion, for which mortality rates approach 100%. Prophylactic antibiotics have been recommended for individuals undergoing medically-induced abortion, one of which is doxycycline, a member of...
Background Robotic technology has become increasingly prevalent throughout modern surgical practice as surgical training programs are determining how to best include this robotic training in their curricula. In this study, we sought to measure changes in performance and workload metrics in the live operative setting following completion of a novel simulator-based robotic skills curriculum.
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33Background: Recent advances for late-stage lung cancer may have led to a shift from therapeutic ‘nihilism’ to ‘optimism’ (Temel, JCO 2016). It is not known whether this shift has increased progno...
PURPOSEHeterogeneity in tumor mutational burden (TMB) quantification across sequencing platforms limits the application and further study of this potential biomarker of response to immune checkpoin...
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The knowledge of the recent advances of precision lung cancer therapy and their impact on image-based diagnosis and treatment monitoring is essential for radiologists to continue to be key members ...
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