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#1Anna Fernández (Autonomous University of Barcelona)H-Index: 14
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Three loose housing systems for lactating cows (compost bedded pack, CBP; conventional bedded pack, BP; and freestalls, FS) were assessed on one farm in terms of cow behavior and welfare. An on-farm welfare assessment based on the Welfare Quality protocols was used four times every three months on 757 cows. Video recordings taken twice over four days were used to assess behavior patterns at resting areas. Cows in CBP and BP were dirtier than those in FS (p < 0.0001). Fewer integument alterations...
Abstract A significant proportion of DNA mismatch repair (MMR) variants are classified as of unknown significance (VUS), precluding diagnosis. The in vitro MMR assay is used to assess their MMR capability, likely the most important function of a MMR protein. However, robustness of the assay, critical for its use in the clinical setting, has been rarely evaluated. The aim of the present work was to validate an in vitro MMR assay approach for the functional characterization of MMR variants, as a f...
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Last. Marta PinedaH-Index: 23
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Constitutional MLH1 methylation (epimutation) is a rare cause of Lynch syndrome. Low-level methylation (≤ 10%) has occasionally been described. This study aimed to identify low-level constitutional MLH1 epimutations and determine its causal role in patients with MLH1-hypermethylated colorectal cancer.
#1Maribel González-Acosta (ISCIII: Carlos III Health Institute)H-Index: 2
#2F Marin (ISCIII: Carlos III Health Institute)H-Index: 6
Last. Marta Pineda (ISCIII: Carlos III Health Institute)H-Index: 23
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Introduction Lynch syndrome (LS) and constitutional mismatch repair deficiency (CMMRD) are hereditary cancer syndromes associated with mismatch repair (MMR) deficiency. Tumours show microsatellite instability (MSI), also reported at low levels in non-neoplastic tissues. Our aim was to evaluate the performance of high-sensitivity MSI (hs-MSI) assessment for the identification of LS and CMMRD in non-neoplastic tissues. Materials and methods Blood DNA samples from 131 individuals were grouped into ...
Last. Juan Ángel BellónH-Index: 19
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Background The predictD intervention, a multicomponent intervention delivered by family physicians (FPs), reduced the incidence of major depression by 21% versus the control group and was cost-effective. A qualitative methodology was proposed to identify the mechanisms of action of these complex interventions. Purpose To seek the opinions of these FPs on the potential successful components of the predictD intervention for the primary prevention of depression in primary care and to identify areas...
#1Anna Fernández (USYD: University of Sydney)H-Index: 14
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Last. Juan Ángel Bellón (UMA: University of Málaga)H-Index: 19
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Depression is viewed as a major and increasing public health issue, as it causes high distress in the people experiencing it and considerable financial costs to society. Efforts are being made to reduce this burden by preventing depression. A critical component of this strategy is the ability to assess the individual level and profile of risk for the development of major depression. This paper presents the cost-effectiveness of a personalized intervention based on the risk of developing depressi...
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#1Estela DámasoH-Index: 2
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Last. Gabriel CapelláH-Index: 58
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Constitutional MLH1 epimutations are characterised by monoallelic methylation of the MLH1 promoter throughout normal tissues, accompanied by allele-specific silencing. The mechanism underlying primary MLH1 epimutations is currently unknown. The aim of this study was to perform an in-depth characterisation of constitutional MLH1 epimutations targeting the aberrantly methylated region around MLH1 and other genomic loci. Twelve MLH1 epimutation carriers, 61 Lynch syndrome patients, and 41 healthy c...
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#1Anna Fernández (Autonomous University of Barcelona)H-Index: 14
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Last. Gabriel CapelláH-Index: 58
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The clinical spectrum of germline mismatch repair (MMR) gene variants continues increasing, encompassing Lynch syndrome, Constitutional MMR Deficiency (CMMRD), and the recently reported MSH3-associated polyposis. Genetic diagnosis of these hereditary cancer syndromes is often hampered by the presence of variants of unknown significance (VUS) and overlapping phenotypes. Two PMS2 VUS, c.2149G>A (p.V717M) and c.2444C>T (p.S815L), were identified in trans in one individual diagnosed with early-onset...
Last. Juan Ángel BellónH-Index: 19
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Importance To our knowledge, no systematic reviews or meta-analyses have been conducted to assess the effectiveness of preventive psychological and/or educational interventions for anxiety in varied populations. Objective To evaluate the effectiveness of preventive psychological and/or educational interventions for anxiety in varied population types. Data Sources A systematic review and meta-analysis was conducted based on literature searches of MEDLINE, PsycINFO, Web of Science, EMBASE, OpenGre...
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