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Validity and generalization continue to be challenging aspects in designing and conducting case study evaluations, especially when the number of cases being studied is highly limited (even limited to a single case). To address the challenge, this article highlights current knowledge regarding the use of: (1) rival explanations, triangulation, and logic models in strengthening validity, and (2) analytic generalization and the role of theory in seeking to generalize from case studies. To ground th...
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Part 1. Understanding Qualitative Research. What Is Qualitative Research-and Why Might You Consider Doing Such Research? The Allure of Qualitative Research: A Topical Panorama of Studies. The Distinctiveness of Qualitative Research. The Multifaceted World of Qualitative Research. Building Trustworthiness and Credibility into Qualitative Research. Equipping Yourself to Do Qualitative Research. Competencies in Doing Qualitative Research. Managing Field-Based Research. Practicing. Setting and Maint...
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Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Section I: Theoretical Perspectives and Case Selection The Epidemic That Never Was: Policy-Making and the Swine Flu Scare - Richard E. Neustadt and Harvey Fineberg Essence of Decision: Explaining the Cuban Missile Crisis - Allison, Graham, and Philip Zelikow Middletown: A Study of Modern American Culture - Robert S. Lynd and Helen Merrell Lynd Yankee City: The Social Life of a Modern Community - W. Lloyd Warner and Paul S. Lunt Implementation: How Great Expec...
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OBJECTIVE: To provide guidance on improving the quality of case studies in health services research. DATA SOURCES: Secondary data, drawing from previous case study research. RESEARCH DESIGN: Guidance is provided to two audiences: potential case study investigators (eight items) and reviewers of case study proposals (four additional items). PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: The guidance demonstrates that many operational steps can be undertaken to improve the quality of case studies. These steps have been a ha...
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