Eliane Choquette
Aarhus University
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Abstract Empirical evidence shows that firms’ internationalization process can be non-linear and often includes de-internationalization events. This study focuses on one type of de-internationalization event – a firm’s decision to exit an export market – and asks how international experience affects its probability of occurrence. In particular, this study complements existing literature by looking at the effect of import-based market experience – considered as a source of market-specific knowled...
This paper investigates the effect of market familiarity at export market entry on the subsequent survival of firms in individual export markets. Applying diverse theoretical lenses, competing hypotheses on the relationship between market familiarity and export market survival are developed and tested. Moreover, this paper hypothesizes that the effect of market familiarity on export survival depends on the initial level of sunk costs associated with entering a particular export market. The findi...
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Are Born Globals really different from firms with other start-up histories? We address this question based on a unique longitudinal data set that tracks all Danish manufacturing start-ups founded between 1994 and 2008 (23,201 firms). This novel application of register data allows us to provide the first detailed account of Born Globals compared to proper control groups of other start-ups. Chiefly we investigate firm performance, which in turn permits interference on socioeconomic impact. We find...
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type="main" xml:id="twec12225-abs-0001"> This paper studies the importance of export spillovers in a firm's decision to enter specific export markets and extends the current state of the literature by assessing different mechanisms through which they may occur, namely (i) labour movement, (ii) intra-industry spillovers and (iii) inter-industry linkages. We do so by exploiting a unique data set covering the universe of manufacturing firms in Denmark for the period 1995–2006 which combines transac...
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This paper investigates the importance of information spillovers from exporting rms to non-exporting rms. We focus on disentangling the dierent channels through which such spillovers may occur; i.e. (i) labor movement, (ii) signaling of market opportunities, and (iii) industrial linkages. We do so by exploiting a unique transaction-level dataset of all manufacturing rms in Denmark over the period 1995-2006, which we merge with employer-employee linked data and combine with information from input...