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Studies examining associations between purine metabolites and type 2 diabetes (T2D) are limited. We prospectively examined associations between plasma levels of purine metabolites with T2D risk and the modifying effects of transcription factor-7-like-2 (TCF7L2) rs7903146 polymorphism on these associations. This is a case-cohort design study within the PREDIMED study, with 251 incident T2D cases and a random sample of 694 participants (641 non-cases and 53 overlapping cases) without T2D at baseli...
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Cytokines play a critical role in the pathogenesis and development of cardiovascular diseases. However, data linking cytokines to risk and severity of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) are still limited. We measured plasma profile of 280 cytokines using a quantitative protein microarray in 12 ACS patients and 16 healthy controls, and identified 15 differentially expressed cytokines for ACS. Osteopontin, chemokine ligand 23, brain derived neurotrophic factor and C-reactive protein (CRP) were further ...
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OBJECTIVE We evaluated the associations of long-term changes in consumption of sugary beverages (including sugar-sweetened beverages and 100% fruit juices) and artificially sweetened beverages (ASBs) with subsequent risk of type 2 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We followed up 76,531 women in the Nurses’ Health Study (1986–2012), 81,597 women in the Nurses’ Health Study II (1991–2013), and 34,224 men in the Health Professionals’ Follow-up Study (1986–2012). Changes in beverage consumption ...
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Importance Accumulating epidemiologic evidence has suggested favorable associations between plant-based dietary patterns and risk of type 2 diabetes, although there is a lack of a quantitative summary of evidence substantiating this important association. Objective To quantitatively synthesize available prospective observational evidence on the association between plant-based dietary patterns and risk of type 2 diabetes. Data Sources A systematic search of PubMed and MEDLINE, Embase, Web of Scie...
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Acylcarnitines, intermediates of fatty acid oxidation, are known to be involved in obesity and insulin resistance. Since maternal prepregnancy overweight or obesity (OWO) is a recognized major risk factor for offspring OWO, we hypothesized that maternal plasma acylcarnitines may play a role in inter-generational OWO. This study included 1402 mother–child pairs (1043 term, 359 preterm) recruited at birth from 1998–2013 and followed prospectively up to age 18 years at the Boston Medical Center. Th...
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Background Whether marine omega‐3 supplementation is associated with reduction in risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains controversial. Methods and Results This meta‐analysis included study‐l...
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Abstract Background Clinical and epidemiological studies have shown that obesity is associated with asthma and that these associations differ by asthma subtypes. Little is known about the shared genetic components between obesity and asthma. Objective To identify shared genetic associations between obesity-related traits and asthma subtypes in adults. Methods A cross-trait genome-wide association study (GWAS) was performed using 457,822 individuals of European ancestry from the UK Biobank. Exper...