Anne P. Humphreys
Durham University
JuvenileDevelopmental psychologyAggressionGerbilReinforcement
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#2Anne P. Humphreys (Durham University)H-Index: 2
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In the rat isolation has both short-and long-term influences upon behavior. Rats isolated at any age will show increases in timidity and aggression, but both effects can be reversed by periods of social housing. However, isolation before 50 days of age has permanent effects upon behavior. We have previously found that rats between 25 and 45 days of age may be protected from the deleterious effects of isolation by short daily periods of social contact if, during these daily contact periods, the r...
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#1Anne P. Humphreys (Durham University)H-Index: 2
#2Dorothy F. Einon (Durham University)H-Index: 6
Abstract The reinforcing value of play for juvenile rats was examined, relative to that of other social experiences. Successive experimental groups chose, in a T-maze, between normal companions and companions whose social behaviour had been rendered abnormal by physical confinement or by amphetamine or chlorpromazine treatment. Both these drugs inhibited play, as did physical restriction, but they had opposing effects on other social behaviours, so that the choice presented was between social ex...
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