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Background General (GA)- and epidural-anesthesia may cause a drop in body-core-temperature (BCTdrop), and hypothermia, which may alter tissue oxygenation (StO2) and microperfusion after cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer. Cell metabolism of subcutaneous fat- or skeletal muscle cells, measured in microdialysis, may be affected. We hypothesized that forced-air prewarming during epidural catheter placement and induction of GA maintains normothermia and improves microperfusion.
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Chronic infections of the fallopian tubes with Chlamydia trachomatis (Ctr) cause scarring and can lead to infertility. Here we use human fallopian tube organoids and genital Ctr serovars D, K and E for long-term in vitro analysis. The epithelial monolayer responds with active expulsion of the bacteria into the lumen and with compensatory cellular proliferation—demonstrating a role of epithelial homeostasis in the defense against this pathogen. In addition, Ctr infection activates LIF signaling, ...
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Purpose The “Enhanced recovery after surgery” (ERAS) concept has been continuously developed for many surgical disciplines. Shorter length of stay (LOS) and associated cost savings have been achieved without an increase in the complication or readmission rate. Current guidelines helped to support an increasing standardisation of care. One innovation of the recently published update is the proposal to integrate prehabilitation (PREHAB) into the ERAS concept. On this basis, the authors provide an ...
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Background Primary cytoreductive surgery followed by chemotherapy has been considered standard management for patients with advanced ovarian cancer over decades. An alternative approach of interval debulking surgery following neoadjuvant chemotherapy was subsequently reported by two randomized phase III trials (EORTC‐GCG, CHORUS), which were criticized owing to important limitations, especially regarding the rate of complete resection. Primary Objective To clarify the optimal timing of surgical ...
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Abstract Objectives Our aim was to investigate the prevalence and potential risk factors for persistent and troublesome physical and psychological symptoms following treatment for ovarian cancer (OC). Methods OvQuest is an international, internet-based, cross-sectional questionnaire which explored symptom burden and quality of life (QOL) after treatment for OC. Eligible women were aged 18 and over, diagnosed with OC at least 6 months previously and had received chemotherapy. Self-report data wer...
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