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The link between depression and anxiety status and cancer outcomes has been well-documented but remains unclear. We comprehensively quantified the association between depression and anxiety defined by symptom scales or clinical diagnosis and the risk of cancer incidence, cancer-specific mortality, and all-cause mortality in cancer patients. Pooled estimates of the relative risks (RRs) for cancer incidence and mortality were performed in a meta-analysis by random effects or fixed effects models a...
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: Postretrieval extinction procedures are effective nonpharmacological interventions for disrupting drug-associated memories. Nonetheless, the conditioned stimulus (CS) memory retrieval-extinction procedure is ineffective in inhibiting drug craving and relapse after prolonged withdrawal, which significantly undermines its therapeutic potential. In the present study, we showed that, unlike the CS memory retrieval-extinction procedure, noncontingent heroin injections (unconditioned stimulus [UCS])...
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Omega-3 fatty acids (FA), as a nutrient, has been proven effective in major depressive disorder (MDD), however, the results of monotherapy in perinatal depression (PND) remain unclear. To examine the efficacy and safety of omega-3 fatty acids (FA) monotherapy for perinatal depression (PND) compared with placebo. PubMed, Embase, PsycINFO, MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and CINAHL were searched from inception up to November 2019. The reference lists of relevant review articles and included studies wer...
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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The COVID-19 pandemic and control measures may have increased the risk of abusing addictive substances as well as addictive behaviors. METHODS: We present an initial online survey in 6416 Chinese about the relation between the COVID-19 pandemic and addictive behavior in China. RESULTS: During the COVID-19 pandemic, 46.8% of the subjects reported increased dependence on internet use, and 16.6% had longer hours of internet use. The prevalence (4.3%) of severe internet de...
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Immune dysregulation, specifically of inflammatory processes, has been linked to behavioral symptoms of depression in both human and rodent studies. Here, we evaluated the antidepressant effects of immunization with altered peptide ligands of myelin basic protein (MBP)—MBP87–99[A91, A96], MBP87–99[A91], and MBP87–99[R91, A96]—in different models of depression and examined the mechanism by which these peptides protect against stress-induced depression. We found that a single dose of subcutaneousl...
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Background Healthcare workers fighting against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic are under tremendous pressure, which puts them at an increased risk of developing psychological problems. Aims This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of psychological problems in different healthcare workers (ie, physicians, medical residents, nurses, technicians and public health professionals) during the COVID-19 pandemic in China and explore factors that are associated with the onset of psy...
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Summary Polysomnographic studies have been conducted to explore sleep changes in Parkinson’s disease (PD), but the relationships between sleep disturbances and PD are imperfectly understood. We conducted a systematic review of the literature exploring polysomnographic differences between PD patients and controls in EMBASE, MEDLINE, All EBM databases, CINAHL, and PsycIFNO. 67 studies were identified for systematic review, 63 of which were used for meta-analysis. Meta-analyses revealed significant...
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Background: Dysfunction of the corticostriatal network has been implicated in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia, but findings are inconsistent within and across imaging modalities. We used multimodal neuroimaging to analyze functional and structural connectivity in the corticostriatal network in people with schizophrenia and unaffected first-degree relatives. Methods: We collected resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging scans from people with schizophr...
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: To investigate effects of agomelatine and mirtazapine on sleep disturbances in patients with major depressive disorder. Thirty depressed patients with sleep disturbances, 27 of which completed the study, took agomelatine or mirtazapine for 8 weeks. Subjective scales were administered, and polysomnography was performed at baseline and at the end of week 1 and 8. Functional magnetic resonance imaging was performed at baseline and at the end of week 8. Compared with baseline, scores on the Hamilt...