Martin Hof
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
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Lysosome-activated apoptosis represents an alternative method of overcoming tumor resistance compared to traditional forms of treatment. Pulsed magnetic fields open a new avenue for controlled and targeted initiation of lysosomal permeabilization in cancer cells via mechanical actuation of magnetic nanomaterials. In this study we used a noninvasive tool; namely, a benchtop pulsed magnetic system, which enabled remote activation of apoptosis in liver cancer cells. The magnetic system we designed ...
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Regulation of cell metabolism, membrane fusion, association of proteins with cellular membranes, and cellular signaling altogether would not be possible without Ca2+ ions. The distribution of calcium within the cell is uneven with the negatively charged inner leaflet of the plasma membrane being one of the primary targets of its accumulation. Therefore, we decided to map the influence of Ca2+ on the properties of lipid bilayers closely resembling natural lipid membranes. We combined fluorescence...
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Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) can kill pathogens via the formation of permeable membrane pores. However, matching peptide properties with their ability to form pores remains elusive. In particular, the proline/glycine kink in helical AMPs was reported to both increase and decrease antimicrobial activity. We used computer simulations and fluorescence leakage experiments to show that a kink in helices affects the formation of membrane pores by stabilizing toroidal pores but disrupting barrel-stave...
Plasma membranes of living cells are compartmentalized into small submicroscopic structures (nanodomains) having potentially relevant biological functions. Despite this, structural features of these nanodomains remain elusive, primarily due to the difficulties in characterizing such small dynamic entities. It is unclear whether nanodomains found in the upper bilayer leaflet are transversally registered with those found in the lower leaflet. Experiments performed on larger microscopic domains ind...
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Nitrobenzoxadiazole (NBD) labeled lipids are popular fluorescent probes of membrane structure and dynamics, and have been widely used in both model systems and living cells. Irrespective of attachment to the lipid head group or hydrocarbon chains, the NBD fluorophore generally adopts a transverse bilayer location near the host lipid carbonyl/glycerol moieties. Still, considerable variability is observed in the measured fluorescence lifetimes, indicating that overall fluorophore location is not t...
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Enzyme engineering tends to focus on the design of active sites for the chemical steps, while the physical steps of the catalytic cycle are often overlooked. Tight binding of a substrate in an active site is beneficial for the chemical steps, whereas good accessibility benefits substrate binding and product release. Many enzymes control the accessibility of their active sites by molecular gates. Here we analyzed the dynamics of a molecular gate artificially introduced into an access tunnel of th...
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Arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptides do not enter cells by directly passing through a lipid membrane; they instead passively enter vesicles and live cells by inducing membrane multilamellarity and fusion. The molecular picture of this penetration mode, which differs qualitatively from the previously proposed direct mechanism, is provided by molecular dynamics simulations. The kinetics of vesicle agglomeration and fusion by an iconic cell-penetrating peptide—nonaarginine—are documented via rea...
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Cyanidin and its O-glycosides have many important physiological functions in plants and beneficial effects on human health. Their biological activity is not entirely clear and depends on the structure of the molecule, in particular, on the number and type of sugar substituents. Therefore, in this study the detailed structure-activity relationship (SARs) of the anthocyanins/anthocyanidins in relation to their interactions with lipid bilayer was determined. On the basis of their antioxidant activi...