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Purpose: This study tested the hypothesis that a novel, audio-visual-directed, home-based exercise training intervention would be effective at improving cardiometabolic health and mental well-being in inactive premenopausal women. Methods: Twenty-four inactive premenopausal women (39 ± 10 y) were randomly assigned to an audio-visual-directed exercise training group (DVD; n = 12) or control group (CON; n = 12). During the 12-week intervention period, the DVD group performed thrice-weekly training...
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A diet rich in vegetables is known to provide cardioprotection. However, it is unclear how the consumption of different vegetables might interact to influence vascular health. This study tested the hypothesis that nitrate-rich vegetable consumption would lower systolic blood pressure but that this effect would be abolished when nitrate-rich and thiocyanate-rich vegetables are co-ingested. On four separate occasions, and in a randomised cross-over design, eleven healthy males reported to the labo...
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Purpose To compare the effects of self-paced high-intensity interval and continuous cycle training on health markers in premenopausal women.
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The health benefits of playing football and the importance of exercise and social contact for healthy ageing are well established, but few older adults in the UK take enough exercise. Football is popular, flexible in format and draws players into engrossing, effortful and social exercise, but the physical demands of play at full speed may make it unsustainable for some older adults. Restricted to walking pace, will play still be engaging? Will health benefits be retained? Will physical demands r...
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We aimed to study whether short-duration vibration exercise or football sessions of two different durations acutely changed plasma markers of bone turnover and muscle strain. Inactive premenopausal women () were randomized to complete a single bout of short (FG15) or long duration (FG60) small sided football or low magnitude whole body vibration training (VIB). Procollagen type 1 amino-terminal propeptide (P1NP) was increased during exercise for FG15 ( to μg·L−1, mean ± SD, ) and FG60 ( to μg·L−...
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Purpose We tested the hypothesis that low-volume high-intensity swimming has a larger impact on insulin sensitivity and glucose control than high-volume low-intensity swimming in inactive premenopausal women with mild hypertension.
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The hypothesis that the adaptive capacity is higher in human upper- than lower-body skeletal muscle was tested. Furthermore, the hypothesis that more pronounced adaptations in upper-body musculature can be achieved by “low-volume high-intensity” compared with “high-volume low-intensity” exercise training was evaluated. A group of sedentary premenopausal women aged 45 ± 6 yr (± SD) with expected high adaptive potential in both upper- and lower-extremity muscle groups participated. After random al...
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