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Background The placement of prophylactic intra-abdominal drains has been common practice in abdominal operations including pancreatic surgery. The PANDRA trial showed that the omission of drains following pancreatic head resection was non-inferior to intra-abdominal drainage in terms of postoperative reinterventions and superior in terms of clinically relevant pancreatic fistula rate and fistula-associated complications. The aim of the present PANDRA II trial is to evaluate the clinical outcome ...
Background: Malnutrition is recognised as a preoperative risk factor for patients undergoing hepatic resection. It is important to identify malnourished patients and take preventive therapeutic action before surgery. However, there is no evidence regarding which existing nutritional assessment score (NAS) is best suited to predict outcomes of liver surgery. Methods: All patients scheduled for elective liver resection at the surgical department of the University Hospital of Heidelberg and the Mun...
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The major extended donor criteria (maEDC; steatosis >40%, age >65 years, and cold ischemia time >14 h) influence graft and patient outcomes after liver transplantation. Despite organ shortages, maEDC organs are often considered unsuitable for transplantation. We investigated the outcomes of maEDC organ liver transplantation in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Two hundred and sixty-four HCC liver transplant patients were eligible for analysis. Risk factor analysis was performed for e...
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Abstract Background Little is known about pancreatic regeneration in humans after surgical resection. We examined pancreatic head volume changes after distal pancreatectomy. Methods Using computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging volumetry, we assessed volume changes of the pancreatic head remnant in 67 patients at defined time points (3, 6, 9, and 12 months) after distal pancreatectomy. A volume increase of >1 cm³ was defined as hypertrophy, a decrease of >1 cm³ as atrophy, and alterati...