Jean Lave
University of California, Berkeley
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AbstractThis afterword is an attempt to reframe questions about vocational education through a theory of practice concerned with the lived realities and everyday potentialities for worker/learners’ learning at and through work. We briefly analyze the currents of thought in the articles in this special issue running between the critiques of the crisis in the Australian VET system and its rootedness in the structural dynamics of neoliberal economies. Following this, we offer a discussion of relati...
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Este artigo considera como o estudo da cultura e da aprendizagem pode ser de particular relevância para o campo da antropologia sociocultural em geral. O termo mais importante na expressao “cultura & aprendizagem” talvez seja o logograma “&” – ou seja, coloca-se a questao sobre o que conecta cultura e aprendizagem, perguntando-se como esses termos estao relacionados. Como devemos compreender cultura e aprendizagem como instâncias produtoras delas proprias, e uma da outra, na pratica? Recalibrand...
#1Jean Lave (University of California, Berkeley)H-Index: 27
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Hacia una ontologia social del aprendizaje • Jean Lave – California University (Berkeley), Estados Unidos; • Martin Packer – Duquesne University, Estados Unidos; Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.Reinventando las practicas educativas del pasado para lograr el exito pedagogico del futuro • Michael Cole – California University (San Diego), Estados Unidos.Aprendizaje como reconfiguracion de agencia • Jorge Larreamendy – Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.Mundo sin centro: cultura, construccion de ...
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In this extended meditation, Jean Lave interweaves analysis of the process of apprenticeship among the Vai and Gola tailors of Liberia with reflections on the evolution of her research on those tailors in the late 1970s. In so doing, she provides both a detailed account of her apprenticeship in the art of sustained fieldwork and an insightful overview of thirty years of changes in the empirical and theoretical facets of ethnographic practice. Examining the issues she confronted in her own work, ...
#1Jean Lave (University of California, Berkeley)H-Index: 27
Over five years of ethnographic research in Monrovia, Liberia (1973—8), I was engaged in research in a mud-pathed alley at the edge of the commercial district, lined with 20 shacks, housing 100 Vai and Gola tailors, their treadle sewing machines, and 150 apprentices. Given the variety of relations math entered into during the course of the tailors’ lives, it became increasingly important to explore what it might mean to understand Vai and Gola tailoring lives in their quantitatively practiced as...