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Unhappy with the contradiction of teaching writing skills through a process-genre approach and testing them by means of a timed essay, the authors devised the Extended Writing Project (EWP) as an alternative evaluation mechanism. This requires students to write an extended text in consecutive sections that are drafted and revised with external help. At the marking stage, the final version is compared with the drafts to gain an insight into the development of both content and language from the pl...
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In his review in issue 55/3 of this Journal of Jennifer Jenkins’ The Phonology of English as an International Language, Martin Hewings predicted that the book ‘will generate much-needed debate in the area’. This has proved to be the case, although with such complex issues as those considered, it is to be assumed, and indeed to be hoped, that the debate is still in its infancy. The ten questions set out below have occurred to us as we have been observing the reaction in our respective professiona...
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