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Purpose: To investigate the influence of prior knowledge of exercise duration on the pacing strategies employed during gamebased activities. Methods: Twelve semiprofessional team-sport athletes (mean ± SD age 22.8 ± 2.1 y) participated in this study. Players performed 3 small-sided games in random order. In one condition (Control), players were informed that they would play the small-sided game for 12 min and then completed the 12-min game. In a 2nd condition (Deception), players were told that ...
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The use of 3 or more efforts (running and contact), separated by short recovery periods, is widely used to define a “repeated high-intensity effort” (RHIE) bout in rugby league. It has been suggested that due to fatigue, players become less effective after RHIE bouts; however, there is little evidence to support this. This study determined whether physical performance is reduced after performing 1, 2, or 3 efforts with minimal recovery. Twelve semiprofessional rugby league players (age: 24.5 ± 2...
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