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From the perspective of delivering successful projects, the value of a skilled project sponsor and project manager outweighs many other factors. Projects need leaders who can give them vision, identity, keep the stakeholders and the project team on board and make the difficult decisions that will enable the project to continue (or, if necessary, be terminated). These are human skills that don't necessarily feature large in the project management bodies of knowledge. Ralf Muller and Rodney Turner...
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This paper reports and reflects on the discussions about the nature of the discipline of project management that took place during the 8th conference of the International Research Network of Organizing by Projects (IRNOP VIII), held in Brighton in September 2007. The discussions started with the provocative motion “This house believes that we no longer need the discipline of project management”. The arguments are organised in the following areas: the use of the traditional body of knowledge by p...
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Human Resource Management (HRM) in project-oriented organizations is a relatively unexplored topic though it is essential to the success of the organization and its competitive advantage. Project-oriented organizations operate differently from classic business organizations in that they adopt temporary organizations in the form of projects and programs, therefore the HRM approach they adopt should support this unique structure. Human Resource Management in the Project-Oriented Organization takes...
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One of the most influential books ever written on the development of project management-fully revised Handbook of Project-Based Management, Fourth Edition has been thoroughly updated to cover the recent developments in the project management field to help deliver the organization's strategy, regardless of the industry. This new edition focuses on the role of the global Project Manager, and how to embark on a successful project in the digital age. Rodney Turner, editor of the International Journa...
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In Choosing Appropriate Project Managers, the authors set out to challenge two commonly held – and related – views found in the project management community: • That a project manager is simply a fa ...
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