Dungang Liu
University of Cincinnati
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ABSTRACTOrdinal outcomes are common in scientific research and everyday practice, and we often rely on regression models to make inference. A long-standing problem with such regression analyses is the lack of effective diagnostic tools for validating model assumptions. The difficulty arises from the fact that an ordinal variable has discrete values that are labeled with, but not, numerical values. The values merely represent ordered categories. In this article, we propose a surrogate approach to...
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Summary The usefulness of meta-analysis has been recognized in the evaluation of drug safety, as a single trial usually yields few adverse events and offers limited information. For rare events, conventional meta-analysis methods may yield an invalid inference, as they often rely on large sample theories and require empirical corrections for zero events. These problems motivate research in developing exact methods, including Tian et al.'s method of combining confidence intervals (2009, Biostatis...
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Background Interpretation of parathyroid hormone (iPTH) requires knowledge of vitamin D status that is influenced by season.
Meta-analysis has been widely used to synthesize evidence from multiple studies for common hypotheses or parameters of interest. However, it has not yet been fully developed for incorporating heterogeneous studies, which arise often in applications due to different study designs, populations, or outcomes. For heterogeneous studies, the parameter of interest may not be estimable for certain studies, and in such a case, these studies are typically excluded from conventional meta-analysis. The excl...
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Last.Minge Xie (RU: Rutgers University)H-Index: 16
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This article proposes a general exact meta-analysis approach for synthesizing inferences from multiple studies of discrete data. The approach combines the p-value functions (also known as significance functions) associated with the exact tests from individual studies. It encompasses a broad class of exact meta-analysis methods, as it permits broad choices for the combining elements, such as tests used in individual studies, and any parameter of interest. The approach yields statements that expli...
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Abstract Network meta-analysis synthesizes several studies of multiple treatment comparisons to simultaneously provide inference for all treatments in the network. It can often strengthen inference on pairwise comparisons by borrowing evidence from other comparisons in the network. Current network meta-analysis approaches are derived from either conventional pairwise meta-analysis or hierarchical Bayesian methods. This paper introduces a new approach for network meta-analysis by combining confid...
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Heritability is an important index used to measure genetic effects in epidemiologic studies. For estimating heritability, researchers have proposed various statistical models to accommodate different study settings. These models include the ACE or ADE models for classical twin studies and the ACDE model for extended twin family studies. Researchers have shown that the ACDE model is less biased in heritability estimation, because of the utilization of the data of two generations. However, this mo...