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Abstract Mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency and mitochondrial DNA deletions are reported in substantia nigra neurons from healthy aged and Parkinson's disease cases, with extensive neuronal loss only seen in the latter. This study aimed to understand the pathological relevance of mitochondrial defects for neuronal survival. Using post-mortem human midbrain, substantia nigra neurons exposed to different types of mitochondrial defects (including mitochondrial DNA point mutations, single an...
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Objective To determine the prevalence of neuromuscular junction (NMJ) abnormalities in patients with mitochondrial disease. Methods Eighty patients with genetically proven mitochondrial disease were recruited from a national center for mitochondrial disease in the United Kingdom. Participants underwent detailed clinical and neurophysiologic testing including single-fiber electromyography. Results The overall prevalence of neuromuscular transmission defects was 25.6%. The highest prevalence was i...
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Abstract Measurement of the individual enzymes involved in mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) forms a key part of diagnostic investigations in patients with suspected mitochondrial disease, and can provide crucial information on mitochondrial OXPHOS function in a variety of cells and tissues that are applicable to many research investigations. In this chapter, we present methods for analysis of mitochondrial respiratory chain enzymes in cells and tissues based on assays performed i...
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Background: Focal-onset seizures and encephalopathy are prominent features of a stroke-like episode, which is a severe neurological manifestation associated with subtypes of mitochondrial disease. Despite more than 30 years of research, the acute treatment of stroke-like episodes remains controversial. Methods: We used the modified Delphi process to harness the clinical expertise of a group of mitochondrial disease specialists from five European countries to produce consensus guidance for the ac...
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Background:Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer worldwide. Age is the strongest non-modifiable risk factor but it is estimated that over half of CRC cases are linked with lifesty...
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