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This paper describes the integration of mobile IP in mobile ad hoc network (MIPMANET) in large area network (LAN) between 8 nodes, where latency, delay, throughput is considered for the quality of service (QoS) consideration. For the best result of MIPMANET, the Dynamic Source Routing Protocol (DSR) and Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR) are considered. Although MANET has other routing protocols, the DSR performs better in MIPMANET integration in NS2. Mobile IP is applied for doing the...
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Digital filters are mandatory for digital signal processing. This paper presents digital filter dispelling the unwanted signals or noise from the required signal and enhances the better performances of the signal. The extracted features of the digital filter have been analyzed to acquire the better output of the signal by using IIR Butterworth filter. It provides different designed parameters of IIR filter to achieve the desired result. MATLAB FDA tool is considered to find out the different res...
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Over the past years a booming interest is comprehended in the field of wireless communication for the development of a monitoring system to observe human vital organs activities remotely. Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is such network that provides a continuous monitoring over or inside human body for a long period and can support transmission of real time traffic such as data, voice, video to observe the status of vital organs functionalities. In this paper an overview of WBAN technology and...
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Spectrum of hypernasal speech produced by cleft palate (CP) speakers carries acoustic information regarding hypernasality (HP). This study compares the variation of acoustic features of HP in continuous read speech with gradually increasing severity of HP within and across gender and detect HP. Three point vowels /i/, /a/ and /u/ from continuous read speech produced by seven male and seven female speakers are used. In first part of this study, comparative study of variation in acoustic parameter...
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Long Term Evolution (LTE) of the UMTS is a lucid move in the era of mobile communication technologies. Such a revolution is required by the perpetual increase in order for high speed connections on communication networks, low latency and delay, less error rates and flexibility because modern users and network applications have become progressively more reliant on these necessities for efficient functionality and performance. 3GPP LTE offers high data rates for both uplink and downlink transmissi...
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Hypernasality (HP) is observed across voiced phonemes uttered by Cleft-Palate (CP) speakers with defective velopharyngeal (VP) opening. HP assessment using signal processing technique is challenging due to the variability of acoustic features across various conditions such as speakers, speaking style, speaking rate, severity of HP etc. Most of the study for hypernasality (HP) assessment is based on isolated sustained vowels under laboratory conditions. We measure the variability of acoustic feat...
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