Jarrod A. Santora
University of California, Santa Cruz
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Author(s): Wells, Brian K; Schroeder, Isaac D; Bograd, Steven J; Hazen, Elliott L; Jacox, Michael G; Leising, Andrew; Mantua, Nathan; Santora, Jarrod A; Fisher, Jennifer; Peterson, William T; Bjorkstedt, Eric; Robertson, Roxanne R; Chavez, Francisco P; Goericke, Ralf; Kudela, Raphael; Anderson, Clarissa; Lavaniegos, Bertha E; Gomez-Valdes, Jose; Brodeur, Richard D; Daly, Elizabeth A; Morgan, Cheryl A; Auth, Toby D; Field, John C; Sakuma, Keith; McClatchie, Sam; Thompson, Andrew R; Weber, Edward ...
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In the California Current ecosystem, krill availability is a well-known influence on the demography of commercially and ecologically valuable fish, seabirds, and marine mammals. Modeling factors that enhance or inhibit krill aggregations, or 'hotspots', will benefit management of marine predators of conservation concern and contribute to ecosystem approaches to fisheries. Here, we link an oceanographic model (ROMS) and an individual-based model (IBM) parameter- ized for the krill species Euphaus...
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Abstract Climate change may increase both stratification and upwelling in marine ecosystems, but these processes may affect productivity in opposing or complementary ways. For the Southern California region of the California Current Ecosystem (CCE), we hypothesized that changes in stratification and upwelling have affected marine bird populations indirectly through changes in prey availability. To test this hypothesis, we derived trends and associations between stratification and upwelling, the ...
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