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There is a large treatment gap for common mental disorders (CMD), with wide variation by world region. This review identifies factors associated with formal health service utilisation for CMD in the general adult population, and compares evidence from high-income countries (HIC) with that from low-and-middle-income countries (LMIC). We searched MEDLINE, PsycINFO, EMBASE and Scopus in May 2016. Eligibility criteria were: published in English, in peer-reviewed journals; using population-based samp...
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Abstract Rationale Mental health-related stigma and discrimination not only affect persons living with schizophrenia but also their whole families. Stigma and discrimination reduction is key to respond to the unmet needs of persons with mental illness. The local context is of particular importance in this endeavor, as stigma and its manifestations depend on the specific conditions of the target population and across cultures and settings. Evidence on effective approaches to reduce stigma is spar...
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Summary Background The region of central and eastern Europe is estimated to have high rates of premature mortality due to mental disorders. However, epidemiological evidence is scarce and insufficient to inform policy actions and health system development. We aimed to assess mortality associated with mental disorders in the Czech Republic. Methods We did a nationwide, register-based, retrospective cohort study using routinely collected health data from two nationwide registries in the Czech Repu...
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Purpose There is disregard in the scientific literature for the evaluation of psychiatric in-patient care as rated directly by patients. In this context, we aimed to explore satisfaction of people treated in mental health in-patient facilities. The project was a part of the Young Psychiatrist Program by the Association for the Improvement of Mental Health Programmes.
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Summary Just over 25 years have passed since the major sociopolitical changes in central and eastern Europe; our aim was to map and analyse the development of mental health-care practice for people with severe mental illnesses in this region since then. A scoping review was complemented by an expert survey in 24 countries. Mental health-care practice in the region differs greatly across as well as within individual countries. National policies often exist but reforms remain mostly in the realm o...
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Introduction Satisfaction of patients with in-patient care is a relatively rare focus of research in mental health. Objectives The IDEA-study (inpatient discharge: experiences and analysis) was initiated to shed the light on the issue internationally. Aim The IDEA project aimed to: – develop a collaborative network of young psychiatrists; – use this network to explore satisfaction of people treated in psychiatric in-patient facilities in a range of high-, middle- and low-income countries. Method...
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Since Goffman’s seminal work on stigma (Goffman 1963), research in this field has steadily grown (Abelev et al. 2006). Until recently, most stigma research in relation to mental illness consisted of surveys among the general public of attitudes towards people with mental illness (Sartorius and Schulze 2005; Rabkin 1974; Link et al. 1999; Thornicroft 2006a). Much less is known about the subjective experiences of stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental illness (Thornicroft 2006a) or ...
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