James C. Coyne
University of Pennsylvania
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Published on May 30, 2017in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 6.75
Adelita V. Ranchor37
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(University Medical Center Groningen),
Joke Fleer15
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Reason for withdrawal from publication Withdrawn from Issue 5, 2017; editorial decision not to proceed with full review as author team unable to complete the review.
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Published on Mar 30, 2017in Palliative & Supportive Care 1.49
Annika von Heymann-Horan4
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Louise B Puggaard1
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(University of Copenhagen)
+ 10 AuthorsPer Sjøgren33
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(Copenhagen University Hospital)
Objective: Patients with incurable cancer and their informal caregivers have numerous psychological and psychosocial needs. Many of these patients wish to receive their care and die at home. Few home-based specialized palliative care (SPC) interventions systematically integrate psychological support. We present a psychological intervention for patient–caregiver dyads developed for an ongoing randomized controlled trial (RCT) of home-based SPC, known as Domus, as well as the results of an assessm...
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Published on Jan 31, 2017in Journal of Clinical Oncology 26.36
Steven C. Palmer23
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Linda A. Jacobs20
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+ 1 AuthorsDavid J. Vaughn39
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9145 Background: Testicular cancer survivors (TCS) experience elevated risk for cardiovascular issues including coronary artery disease that present a greater threat to their long-term health than recurrence of cancer. These risks may be moderated by health behaviors (HBs), yet little is known about HBs or their barriers in this population. This is unfortunate, as these barriers may serve as intervention targets. This study examined HBs and their barriers in a population-based sample of TCS. Met...
Published on Nov 26, 2014in F1000Research
James C. Coyne74
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Published on Jan 1, 2014in European Journal of Personality 3.49
Patricia A. Frazier42
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(University of Minnesota),
James C. Coyne74
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Howard Tennen70
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(University of Connecticut)
We describe a multitrait-multimethod (MTMM) approach to studying the construct validity of self-report measures of post-traumatic growth (PTG). The proposed MTMM reveals three important points. First, most cells representing anything other than retrospective self-reports are empty. Behavioural studies are particularly lacking. Second, retrospective and prospective reports of PTG do not converge. Third, retrospective reports of PTG are more related to coping than to prospectively assessed PTG. We...
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Published on Nov 17, 2014in F1000Research
James C. Coyne74
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Published on Nov 7, 2014in F1000Research
James C. Coyne74
Estimated H-index: 74
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