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Peter Lansley
University of Reading
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Peter Lansley14
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(University of Reading)
Purpose – Analyses of the results of research assessment exercises (RAEs) carried out in the UK in 1996 and 2001 supported a simple hypothesis, that the grade awarded to a university department can be related to its level of activity in terms of, for example, number of research students, research studentships secured, research degrees awarded, research funded from external sources, and the profile of publications. The purpose of this paper is to consider the extent to which these relationships p...
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2013 in Ageing & SocietyIF: 1.62
Peter Lansley14
Estimated H-index: 14
(University of Reading)
Since  ageing research in the United Kingdom (UK) has been promoted through a series of research council special programmes with an emphasis on multidisciplinary, collaborative, user-focused research. There has been notable progress and substantial setbacks, especially a major lull in activity, and strong disciplinary biases in later programmes. Skills, expertise and influence on policy and practice, developed through early programmes, have been lost. Two philosophies of programme management...
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Andrew Sixsmith3
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(Simon Fraser University),
Maria C. Carrillo38
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(Alzheimer's Association)
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(Simon Fraser University)
This chapter provides an overview of some of the initiatives and activities in the area of gerontechnology that have emerged in different parts of the world. While it is not possible to provide a comprehensive and exhaustive review of the world scene, the aim is to highlight selected research in different geographical regions, specifically Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific, and research at different levels: national, regional, and international. The chapter begins with a description of an ...
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Peter Lansley14
Estimated H-index: 14
(University of Reading)
The development of national capacity to undertake ageing‐related research is vital to ensuring that the challenges arising from an ageing society faced by government, society and individuals are adequately understood and quality of life enhanced. Yet, in the early 2000s there was a danger that previous initial investment in ageing research would be wasted. A campaign was mounted to support newcomers to ageing research, especially those in early career, eventually resulting in Strategic Promotion...
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Peter Lansley14
Estimated H-index: 14
Peter Lansley14
Estimated H-index: 14
(University of Reading),
V. Smith1
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In order to achieve a truly inclusive society there is a major requirement for the rapid development of many more researchers in the field of inclusive design and in related disciplines. SPARC set out to attract new academic researchers into these fields and to support them with pump-priming research funds, mentoring and advice as well as access to prestigious platforms for presenting their work and assistance with writing publications for non-academic audiences. SPARC supported 15 design-relate...