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AIMS: Sleep disturbances exhibit a strong social patterning, and inadequate sleep has been associated with adverse health outcomes, including cardiovascular disorders (CVD). However, the contribution of sleep to socioeconomic inequalities in CVD is unclear. This study pools data from eight European cohorts to investigate the role of sleep duration in the association between life-course socioeconomic status (SES) and CVD. METHODS AND RESULTS: We used cross-sectional data from eight European cohor...
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Bien que la faisabilite de la recherche en situation de crise ait pu se verifier, la premiere vague d’infections nous a rappele l’importance de la rigueur scientifique.
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BACKGROUND Physician well-being has an impact on productivity and quality of care. Residency training is a particularly stressful period. OBJECTIVE To assess the well-being of general internal medicine (GIM) residents and its association with personal and work-related factors. METHODS We conducted an anonymous electronic survey among GIM residents from 13 Swiss teaching hospitals. We explored the association between a reduced well-being (≥5 points based on the Physician Well-Being Index [PWBI]) ...
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In Switzerland by 2045, we expect 2.7 Mio citizens aged 65+ of whom 1.0 Mio. aged 80+. A priority and focus of personalized health research is therefore aging biology to extend healthy life expectancy. Novel molecular and imaging features will emerge as candidate targets for risk prediction and screening of chronic diseases. It is of utmost importance to test the clinical and public health utility of candidate biomarkers evolving from this research in citizen reference cohorts. We will build a S...
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Socioeconomic status (SES) plays a significant role in health and disease. At the same time, early-life conditions affect neural function and structure, suggesting the brain may be a conduit for the biological embedding of SES. Here, we investigate the neural signatures of SES in a large-scale population cohort aged 45 to 85 years. We assess both grey matter volume (GMV) and magnetization transfer (MT) saturation, indicative of myelin content. Higher SES in childhood and adulthood associated wit...
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High blood cholesterol is typically considered a feature of wealthy western countries1,2. However, dietary and behavioural determinants of blood cholesterol are changing rapidly throughout the world3 and countries are using lipid-lowering medications at varying rates. These changes can have distinct effects on the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol, which have different effects on human health4,5. However, the trends of HDL and non-HDL cholesterol levels...
Abstract Background Anxiety disorders have been related to cardiovascular diseases via low-grade inflammation, but longitudinal studies on the association between generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and inflammatory biomarkers are sparse. Furthermore, no studies have examined the association between GAD and the “cardio-protective” adipocytokine adiponectin in this context so far. Methods In a Swiss population-based sample of 2,415 adults participating in baseline and follow-up exams (mean follow-...
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: Although excessive daytime sleepiness is commonly evaluated in clinical and research settings using the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, few studies have assessed the factors associated with its incidence in the general population. We prospectively investigated the predictors of incident and persistent excessive daytime sleepiness in 2,751 subjects (46.1% men, mean age 56.0 ± 9.8 years) from the CoLaus-PsyCoLaus population-based cohort (Lausanne, Switzerland) over 5 years. Participants completed the ...