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Many factors determine dietary intake in older adults, including physical health, psychological well-being and socio-economic status. Dental status may also be important. The aim was to examine how dental status impacts perceived ability to eat to certain foods, nutrient intake and nutritional status in UK older adults. Data collected by the National Diet and Nutrition Survey Rolling Programme was analysed. A 4-day food diary assessed dietary intake, while a Computer Assisted Personal Interview ...
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Communication with healthcare professionals is challenging for those with hearing loss. This study aimed to determine the impact dedicated deaf awareness training could have on medical student’s attitudes to and knowledge of deafness, and to explore ways of incorporating deaf awareness training into the core undergraduate medical curriculum. A validated questionnaire was used to measure attitudes to and knowledge of deafness in those taking an optional deaf awareness and basic sign language modu...
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Iodine is an essential micronutrient important for foetal nerve and brain development, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. The re-emergence of mild to moderate iodine deficiency has recently been reported in the United Kingdom (UK). The level of knowledge amongst pregnant women regarding iodine nutrition is poorly understood. The aim of this study was to determine the level of knowledge about iodine nutrition during pregnancy among pregnant women living in Northern Ireland (NI). A cross...
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The objective of this study was to evaluate the acceptance of an employer-led free lunch initiative and its effect on health, diet, and attitudes towards health and diet amongst employees in a small workplace in Northern Ireland. This was a controlled, employer-led pilot intervention, which was evaluated through a mixed methods approach. Seventeen participants from the intervention site and 14 participants from the control site completed all assessments. Post-intervention, there was no differenc...
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Abstract Improper cooking of meat contributes to many foodborne illnesses worldwide. The use of meat thermometers during cooking is recommended by food safety authorities in North America, but not yet in Europe. This scoping review investigated meat thermometer usage trends, consumers' barriers and facilitators, and usage-enhancing interventions, with the aim of informing potential policy changes as necessary towards enhancing meat thermometers usage. The study revealed that Europe is far behind...
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Circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) are attractive non-invasive biomarkers for a variety of conditions due to their stability and altered pathophysiological expression levels. Reliable detection of global expression profiles is required to maximise miRNA biomarker discovery. Although developments in small RNA-Seq technology have improved detection of plasma-based miRNAs, the low RNA content and sequencing bias introduced during library preparation remain challenging. In this study we compare commerci...
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Iodine deficiency remains a global nutritional public health challenge, with evidence suggesting borderline adequate or even deficient status for UK and Irish subpopulations such as schoolgirls and pregnant women. The solution, according to the WHO, is salt iodisation, but it is not known how widely available iodised salt is in supermarkets. Iodised salt availability was determined by a shelf survey of 89 supermarket stores on the island of Ireland (n = 30 in Northern Ireland and n = 59 in the R...
Progressive renal decline is associated with increasing oxidative stress. However, the majority of studies have investigated endogenous antioxidants in predominantly advanced stages of kidney disease. Many traditional risk factors associated with renal dysfunction have been linked with cognitive decline as the kidneys and brain share comparable anatomic and haemodynamic characteristics that leave them susceptible to common pathogenic mechanisms. The objective of this study was to examine serum d...