Janie Corley
University of Edinburgh
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Abstract Fluctuating body asymmetry is theorized to indicate developmental instability, and to have small positive associations with low socioeconomic status (SES). Previous studies have reported small negative associations between fluctuating body asymmetry and cognitive functioning, but relationships between fluctuating brain asymmetry and cognitive functioning remain unclear. The present study investigated the association between general intelligence (a latent factor derived from a factor ana...
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Christina M. Lill, who contributed to analysis of data, was inadvertently omitted from the author list in the originally published version of this article. This has now been corrected in both the PDF and HTML versions of the article.
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Abstract Background and Purpose Perivascular Spaces (PVS), also known as Virchow-Robin spaces, seen on structural brain MRI, are important fluid drainage conduits and are associated with small vessel disease (SVD). Computational quantification of visible PVS may enable efficient analyses in large datasets and increase sensitivity to detect associations with brain disorders. We assessed the associations of computationally-derived PVS parameters with vascular factors and white matter hyperintensit...
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Recent advances in genome-wide DNA methylation (DNAm) profiling for smoking behaviour have given rise to a new, molecular biomarker of smoking exposure. It is unclear whether a smoking-associated DNAm (epigenetic) score has predictive value for ageing-related health outcomes which is independent of contributions from self-reported (phenotypic) smoking measures. Blood DNA methylation levels were measured in 895 adults aged 70 years in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 (LBC1936) study using the Illumi...
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Individuals of the same chronological age exhibit disparate rates of biological ageing. Consequently, a number of methodologies have been proposed to determine biological age and primarily exploit variation at the level of DNA methylation (DNAm) − a commonly studied epigenetic mechanism. A novel epigenetic clock, termed DNAm GrimAge has outperformed its predecessors in predicting the risk of mortality as well as a number of age-related morbidities. However, the association between DNAm GrimAge a...
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Identifying the biological correlates of late life cognitive function is important if we are to ascertain biomarkers for, and develop treatments to help reduce, age-related cognitive decline. This study investigated the associations between plasma levels of 91 neurology-related proteins (Olink Proteomics) and general fluid cognitive ability in the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 (LBC1936, N=798), the Lothian Birth Cohort 1921 (LBC1921, N=165), and the INTERVAL BioResource, (N=4,451). In LBC1936, we al...
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Abstract Objective Sleep is important for brain health. We analysed associations between usual sleep habits and MRI markers of neurodegeneration (brain atrophy), vascular damage (white matter hyperintensities, WMH) and waste clearance (perivascular spaces, PVS) in older community-dwelling adults. Method We collected self-reported usual sleep duration, quality and medical histories from the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936 (LBC1936) age 76 years and performed brain MRI. We calculated sleep efficiency, m...
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Objectives Chronic low-grade inflammation is a key underlying mechanism in several age-related chronic conditions and previous studies have shown that diet can modulate the inflammatory process. We investigated the ability of the Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII®), a summary measure of dietary inflammatory potential, to predict concentrations of plasma inflammatory markers in a sample of older people.