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Experimental and epidemiologic studies suggest that light at night (LAN) exposure disrupts circadian rhythm, and this disruption may increase breast cancer risk. We investigated the potential association between residential outdoor LAN and breast cancer risk. A population-based case–control study was conducted in Vancouver, British Columbia and Kingston, Ontario, Canada with incident breast cancer cases, and controls frequency matched by age in the same region. This analysis was restricted to 84...
#1Peter J. H. Beliveau (Queen's University)H-Index: 2
#2Michael A. McIsaac (Queen's University)H-Index: 4
Last. Simon D. French (Macquarie University)H-Index: 24
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Abstract Objective The purpose of this study was to investigate weight-loss interventions offered by Canadian doctors of chiropractic to their adult patients. Methods This paper reports a secondary analysis of data from the Ontario Chiropractic Observation and Analysis STudy (N c = 42 chiropractors, N p = 2162 patient encounters). Multilevel logistic regression was performed to assess the odds of chiropractors initiating or continuing weight management interventions with patients. Two chiropract...
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Last. JanssenIan (Queen's University)H-Index: 73
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Background A limitation of measuring sedentary time with an accelerometer is device removal. The resulting nonwear time is typically deleted from the data prior to calculating sedentary time. This could impact estimates of sedentary time and its associations with health indicators. We evaluated whether using multiple imputation to replace nonwear accelerometer epochs influences such estimates in children.
#1Catherine M. Spagnuolo (Queen's University)
#2Michael A. McIsaac (Queen's University)H-Index: 4
Last. William Pickett (Queen's University)H-Index: 47
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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common sleep-disordered breathing condition. Patients with OSA symptoms are often not diagnosed clinically, which is a concern, given the health and safety risks associated with unmanaged OSA. The availability of fewer practicing medical specialists combined with longer travel distances to access health care services results in barriers to diagnosis and treatment in rural communities. This study aimed to (1) determine whether the proportion of adults rep...
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Last. Lynn Martin (Lakehead University)H-Index: 12
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Background Frailty is an established predictor of admission into long-term care (LTC) and mortality in the elderly population. Assessment of frailty among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) using a generic frailty marker may not be as predictive, as some lifelong disabilities associated with IDD may be interpreted as a sign of frailty. This study set out to determine if adding the Home Care-Intellectual and Devel-opmental Disabilities Frailty Index (HC-IDD Frailty Inde...
#1Elizabeth Stankiewicz (Queen's University)H-Index: 1
#2Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz (Queen's University)H-Index: 29
Last. Robert Balogh (UOIT: University of Ontario Institute of Technology)H-Index: 13
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Objectives To determine recent mortality rates among Ontarian adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) and investigate changes over time in contrast to the general population. To determine the most commonly reported underlying causes of death and explore related coding practices.
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Last. Sean B. Rourke (U of T: University of Toronto)H-Index: 37
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Objectives We investigated the effect of drug coverage on viral suppression (sVL) in Ontario, Canada, where there is no universal coverage of prescription drugs, including antiretroviral therapy (ART).
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Last. William Pickett (Queen's University)H-Index: 47
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Abstract Canadian adolescents have some of the highest rates of substance use in the world. The etiology of this phenomenon has not been fully explored, and one possible contextual determinant is involvement in sport activities that foster risk-taking behaviors through physical and social mechanisms. Using the 2013-14 Health Behaviour in School Aged Children (HBSC) study we therefore examined this hypothesis in a contemporary national sample of Canadian adolescents. The strength and direction of...
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Background: A limitation of accelerometer measures of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) is nonwear time. Nonwear-time data is typically deleted prior to estimating MVPA. In this study, we used an approach that used sociodemographic, health, and time data to guide the imputation of nonwear-time data. We determined whether imputing nonwear-time data influences estimates of MVPA and the association between MVPA, body mass index, and blood pressure. Methods: Seven days of accelerometer d...
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#1Michael A. McIsaac (Queen's University)H-Index: 4
#2Richard J. Cook (UW: University of Waterloo)H-Index: 74
Inverse probability weighted estimating equations and multiple imputation are two of the most studied frameworks for dealing with incomplete data in clinical and epidemiological research. We examine the limiting behaviour of estimators arising from inverse probability weighted estimating equations, augmented inverse probability weighted estimating equations and multiple imputation when the requisite auxiliary models are misspecified. We compute limiting values for settings involving binary respo...