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PURPOSE: Diabetic retinal neurodegeneration (DRN) has been demonstrated in eyes of patients with diabetes mellitus (DM), even in the absence of diabetic retinopathy (DR). However, no studies have looked at the rate of change in retinal layers and presence/development of DR over time per quadrant of the macula. In this longitudinal study, we aimed to clarify whether the rate of DRN is associated with the development/presence of DR within 4 different quadrants of the retina. METHODS: 80 eyes of 40...
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Background: The introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine has raised significant ethical, economic, and scientific controversies. Introduction: Because an explicit goal of AI is to perform processes previously reserved for human clinicians and other health care personnel, there is justified concern about the impact on patient safety, efficacy, equity, and liability. Discussion: Systems for computer-assisted and fully automated detection, triage, and diagnosis of diabetic retinopat...
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Contributors The following document and appendices represent the third edition of the Practice Guidelines for Ocular Telehealth-Diabetic Retinopathy. These guidelines were developed by the Diabetic...
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Abstract Purpose Artificial Intelligence (AI) describes systems capable of making decisions of high cognitive complexity; Autonomous AI systems in healthcare are AI systems that make clinical decisions without human oversight. Ensuring that autonomous AI provides these benefits requires evaluation of the Autonomous AI’s effect on patient outcome, design, validation, data usage and accountability, from a bioethics and accountability perspective. Design Case study with literature review and bioeth...
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The choroid is a vascular plexus located between the retina and the sclera, providing oxygen and nourishment to the outer layers of the retina. Thickness changes in the choroid are of importance in the pathophysiology of various ocular diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and others. Our previous choroidal layer segmentation method of 3D macular optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans using choroidal vessel segmentation tended to segment thinner choroidal layers th...
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Artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms are rapidly entering the health care field and have the potential to improve patient care. Our article focuses on the use of autonomous AI algorithms (...
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