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#1Eldrede T. Kahiya (Victoria University of Wellington)H-Index: 7
Abstract Context matters in International Business, but to what extent does it influence the content of knowledge? This study offers a systematic literature review on the internationalization of New Zealand firms. A geographically isolated small open economy (SMOPEC) with audacious trade aspirations, a strong domestic institutional environment, favorable attitude toward trade, and entrepreneurial small-to-medium size enterprises (SMEs), New Zealand provides an enlightening context to study inter...
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#1Eldrede T. Kahiya (Victoria University of Wellington)H-Index: 7
#2Djavlonbek Kadirov (Victoria University of Wellington)H-Index: 7
We provide a literature review and a conceptual framework on informal cross border trade in Sub-Saharan Africa. Informal cross border trade (ICBT) refers to commercial exchanges conducted across bo...
#1Eldrede T. Kahiya (Victoria University of Wellington)H-Index: 7
Abstract Although research on export barriers spans five decades, no single prior study has systematically reviewed findings in this field. This study enriches the discourse on internationalization through a systematic review of the factors associated with export barriers, the theories underpinning this, and the exact nature of the relationships. Findings indicate the bulk of empirical studies focus on drivers of export barriers. The study identifies thirty-six such variables, falling in the cat...
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#1Eldrede T. Kahiya (Victoria University of Wellington)H-Index: 7
#2Nina Krey (Rowan University)H-Index: 5
Over the past year, the National Football League (NFL) has been exploring ways of increasing its international footprint. This paper focuses on the NFL’s proposed international expansion into Mexico. Specifically, the study examines fan reaction to the prospect of hosting games in Mexico City. From a theoretical perspective, we pit the generic international marketing discourse, which projects a positive outlook on globalization, and the sociological perspective, which takes a cynical view of glo...
Purpose This study aims to use analogical reasoning to draw a conceptual link between liabilities in International Business (IB) and export barriers. Design/methodology/approach Following a review of 130 articles on export barriers, the study develops and applies a “liabilities” metonymy to connect the source construct (liabilities in the IB) and target subject (export barriers). Findings Liabilities in the IB map to export barriers, and the concepts of liability of foreignness, liability of out...
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Purpose The purpose of this paper is to appraise methodological rigor in the application of discriminant analysis (DA) in export-focused research and to offer guidelines for future studies. Design/methodology/approach The sample includes 89 empirical peer-reviewed studies, comprising 102 models published over the period 1979-2014. Content analysis and vote counting are used to evaluate each of these studies. Findings This review highlights major flaws in the application of DA in export research....
#1Sharon L. Forbes (LU: Lincoln University (Pennsylvania))H-Index: 7
#2Eldrede T. Kahiya (LU: Lincoln University (Pennsylvania))H-Index: 7
Last. Chloe Balderstone (National Heart Foundation of Australia)H-Index: 1
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ABSTRACTThis exploratory research examines the purchasing and consumption behavior of snack food consumers. A structured questionnaire and intercept interviews were used to collect quantitative data from respondents inside supermarket stores. For marketers, a key contribution of this study is the importance of the price attribute and certain product claims. Sugar and total fat were found to be the most important nutritional factors that consumers consider when making a purchase decision, but it ...
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#1Eldrede T. Kahiya (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology)H-Index: 7
#2Sharon L. Forbes (LU: Lincoln University (Pennsylvania))H-Index: 7
Last. Chloe Balderstone (LU: Lincoln University (Pennsylvania))
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This exploratory paper examines the factors underlying snack food purchasing. We develop exploratory research questions to examine the attributes consumers evaluate, the importance of various product claims, labels and nutritional information, for snack food purchasers. Empirical data are based on a sample of 118 New Zealand consumers drawn from a large metropolitan area using an intercept technique. Results show that consumers frequently evaluate snacks on the basis of price and taste while acc...
#1Eldrede T. Kahiya (Canterbury of New Zealand)H-Index: 7
#2David L. Dean (Canterbury of New Zealand)H-Index: 11
This study revisits the stage model dialogue by testing seven hypotheses on the relationship between stages of export development and the influence of export barriers. Empirical data are based on a sample of 145 New Zealand firms, and the analysis combines a six-stage framework with an illustrative list of barriers, while going a step further than previous research by examining the effect of covariates. Empirical results demonstrate that resource constraints, marketing barriers, knowledge and ex...
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