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Abstract Motorcycle rider steer responses to unexpected collision emergencies have not been studied experimentally. We used a motorcycle simulator with elastic steer mechanism and modified car driving model to simulate the input-output counter steering response of two-wheeled vehicles in combination with a car pop-up paradigm from driving studies to evaluate rider responses to unexpected collision hazards. We manipulated time-to-crash – either 1 s or 1.5 s – to probe the threshold between not en...
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Last. Michael Fitzharris (Monash University, Clayton campus)H-Index: 22
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AbstractObjective: Motorcycles and mopeds, often referred to as powered 2-wheelers (PTWs), play an important role in personal mobility worldwide. Despite their advantages, including low cost, space occupancy, and fuel efficiency, the risk of sustaining serious or fatal injuries is higher than that for occupants of passenger cars. The development of safety systems specific for PTWs represents a potential way to reduce casualties among riders. With the proliferation of new active and passive safet...
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AbstractObjective: Fractures are a common injury among motorcycle riders and can have serious health implications. Impact protection (IP) has been designed to help prevent fractures, yet there are conflicting opinions as to whether this IP does in fact help prevent fractures in real-world crashes. This work aimed to (1) use simulated dummy impacts to examine whether existing types of IP could reduce the force transferred to the underlying bone to below fracture tolerance levels and (2) investiga...
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AbstractObjective: Rural roads are characterized by hazardous roadsides and suboptimal geometry yet allow for high travel speeds and unfavorable impact angles. In Victoria, 25% of persons seriously...
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AbstractObjective: Crash and injury surveillance studies have identified a range of rider-related factors, including age, sex, licensure, training and experience, as being associated with motorcycle crash risk. The aim of this study was to establish whether these previously identified factors were associated with crash involvement in an Australian-based population.Methods: Data obtained from motorcyclists recruited from road authority licensing offices in a population-based survey design were an...
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