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Abstract The U.S. Pacific Northwest has a history of frequent and occasionally deadly landslides caused by various factors. Using a multivariate, machine-learning approach, we combined a Pacific Northwest Landslide Inventory with a 36-year gridded hydrologic dataset from the National Climate Assessment – Land Data Assimilation System to produce a landslide hazard indicator (LHI) on a daily 0.125-degree grid. The LHI identified where and when landslides were most probable over the years 1979–2016...
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Last. Kaitlin HarbeckH-Index: 3
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#1Natthachet Tangdamrongsub (UMD: University of Maryland, College Park)H-Index: 9
#2Shin-Chan Han (University of Newcastle)H-Index: 25
Last. Michal Šprlák (University of Newcastle)H-Index: 10
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Abstract The construction of hydropower dams is a common strategy to support a country's increasing need for electricity and river water management for industry and agriculture. Although the hydrological and geophysical impacts of water relocation are usually assessed prior to impoundment, their accuracy is generally limited due to the lack of in situ observations, especially in a remote area. This study presents a workflow to quantify the terrestrial water storage change (∆TWS) and land subside...
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Last. Yuekui YangH-Index: 4
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Last. Christa D. Peters-Lidard (GSFC: Goddard Space Flight Center)H-Index: 46
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AbstractThis article describes one of the first successful examples of multisensor, multivariate land data assimilation, encompassing a large suite of soil moisture, snow depth, snow cover, and irr...
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#1Michael F. Jasinski (GSFC: Goddard Space Flight Center)H-Index: 15
#2Jordan S. Borak (UMD: University of Maryland, College Park)H-Index: 3
Last. Natthachet Tangdamrongsub (UMD: University of Maryland, College Park)H-Index: 9
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AbstractTerrestrial hydrologic trends over the conterminous United States are estimated for 1980–2015 using the National Climate Assessment Land Data Assimilation System (NCA-LDAS) reanalysis. NCA-...
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#2Lori A. MagruderH-Index: 11
Last. Michael F. JasinskiH-Index: 15
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NASA’s Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) was launched in September, 2018. The satellite carries a single instrument, ATLAS (Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System), a green wavelength, photon-counting lidar, enabling global measurement and monitoring of elevation with a primary focus on the cryosphere. Although bathymetric mapping was not one of the design goals for ATLAS, pre-launch work by our research team showed the potential to map bathymetry with ICESat-2, using da...
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#1Yao Li (A&M: Texas A&M University)H-Index: 5
#2Huilin Gao (A&M: Texas A&M University)H-Index: 25
Last. J. Stoll (GSFC: Goddard Space Flight Center)H-Index: 2
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Knowledge of reservoir bathymetry is essential for many studies on terrestrial hydrological and biogeochemical processes. However, there are currently no cost-effective approaches to derive reservoir bathymetry at the global scale. This study explores the potential of generating high-resolution global bathymetry using elevation data collected by the 532-nm Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System (ATLAS) onboard the Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat-2). The novel algorithm was ...
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#1Yao LiH-Index: 5
#2Huilin GaoH-Index: 25
Last. J. StollH-Index: 2
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