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Erodium pelargoniiflorum is an endemic species from Turkey and limited information about the native species. Morphological characteristics are investigated on the specimens collected from natural populations from Isparta. Almost all morphological characteristics are expanded and some morphological characteristics are firstly determined in this study. Flower morphology was identified in detail. Fruit is long-beaked 4.3-4.5 cm, stout and adpressed-pilose and sparsely glandular hairy. Mericarp morp...
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Dianthus somanus sp. nov. (Caryophyllaceae) is described as a new species from Kocasivri Mt. (Manisa), W-Anatolia (Turkey). Diagnostic characters, description and detailed illustration on the species are given, as well as a morphological comparison with the similar species D. goekayi , and D. erinaceus (var. erinaceus , and var. alpinus ). Habitat, distribution and conservation status of the new species are also provided.
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Iberis saxatilis subsp. magnesiana Oskay subsp. nov. is identified as a new subspecies from Kocasivri Mt. (Manisa), west Anatolia, Turkey. Iberis saxatilis subsp. magnesiana is a local endemic, most similar to Iberis saxatilis L. subsp. saxatilis . Diagnostic characters of these related taxa are discussed. Habitat characteristics, distribution and conservation status of the new subspecies are also presented.
The reproductive characteristics of Erodium somanum (Geraniaceae), a critically endangered endemic species, were investigated in order to evaluate the main factors that affect its reproductive success and to evaluate their importance on its conservation. The estimated pollen/ovule ratio was calculated as 1187. Pollen viability and stigma receptivity experiments showed that stigma receptivity and pollen viability were high and synchronous throughout the anthesis. E. somanum is a strictly dioeciou...
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Morphological features of the endemic Erodium somanum are investigated based on the specimens collected from natural populations from Soma in Manisa. Almost all morphological characteristics are expanded and some morphological characteristics are firstly determined in this study. E. somanum is a dioecious species and in this study drawings of male and female individuals are given for the first time. An umbel is 3–5 flowered in female plants and 6–11 flowered in male plants, pedicels accrescent t...
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In vitro Micropropagation of Critically Endangered (CR ) Endemic Erodium somanum In this study, in vitro micropropagation of Erodium somanum H. Pesmen which is an endemic and critically endangered plant species was investigated. In the last years, the E. somanum population decreased due to the base stations, wind turbines and fire towers constructed on the living space of these species. It is included in the Red Book of Turkish Plants. In vitro propagation is a strong method enabling the protect...
Bazi Tek Yillik Erodium Taksonlarinin Merikarplari Uzerinde Mikromorfolojik Incelemeler Bu calismada, Erodium L’Herit cinsi icin sistematik calismalarda ozellikle ayirt edici oneme sahip meyva karakterlerinden merikarp morfolojisi incelenmistir. Erodium hoefftianum C.A. Meyer, E. botrys (Cav.) Bertol, E. ciconium (L.) L’Herit, E. malacoides (L.) L’Herit, E. cicutarium (L.) L’Herit, sub sp. cicutarium, E. moschatum (L.) L’Herit taksonlarinin merikarp mikromorfolojisi ilk kez bu calisma ile belirl...
Habitat and population properties of Erodium somanum with also changing these characters timely were investigated. Distribution soils of this species are slightly alkaline, without salt and generally limes structure, adequate for ferrous but poor for phosphor. Climate type is semi-arid upper Mediterranean especially winter is cool. Distribution area of population is approximately 5 km2. Population density calculated as 3.04. According to results of size and sexual dispersal of individuals, a tot...
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Herbs and spices are sources of many bioactive compounds that can improve the taste of foods as well as influence digestion and metabolism processes. The present study was performed to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of ten Turkish medicinal plant spices, used in the traditional system of medicine, against 10 pathogenic bacterial species and yeast, C. albicans, using the agar well diffusion method. Anti-candidal activity was detected in 8 plants. Extracts of Alchemilla vulgaris, Laurus nobil...
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