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AbstractThe HEXACO Personality Inventory–Revised (HEXACO–PI–R) has become one of the most heavily applied measurement tools for the assessment of basic personality traits. Correspondingly, the inve...
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Most research on workplace incivility has been conducted in the United States, where the cultural logic of dignity prescribes that individuals’ worthiness be determined in reference to self-set standards. This inductive study explores the construal of workplace incivility in a contrasting cultural logic of honor, where an individual’s worth is largely dependent on the esteem of others. In particular, it seeks to understand how the logic of honor may influence which behaviors are labeled as inciv...
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This symposium focusses on the application of novel perspectives to workplace commitment research. These perspectives are driven by changes in the world of work, but also by methodological advances as well as applications of theories from other fields of research. In this vein, the papers to be presented are innovative with regards to (a) theoretical perspectives, (b) conceptual development, and (c) methodological approaches. In this symposium we are looking to (re)-address three questions funda...
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The study of interpersonal trust in organizations has largely relied on the framework developed by Mayer, Davis, and Schoorman (1995). The framework proposes ability, benevolence, and integrity as ...
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#1S. Arzu Wasti (Sabancı University)H-Index: 18
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The purpose of the present commentary is to discuss the nature and correlates of workplace commitment across cultures. We asked six organizational behavior scholars, who are intimately familiar with Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, or Israel as their country of origin or extended residence, to “contextualize” workplace commitment. They did so by explicating institutional and cultural characteristics of their context on the emergence, meaning, and evolution of commitment by reference to their own...
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Three dimensions of subordinate-supervisor relations (affective attachment, deference to supervisor, and personal-life inclusion) that had been found by Y. Chen, Friedman, Yu, Fang, and Lu to be characteristic of a guanxi relationship between subordinates and their supervisors in China were surveyed in Taiwan, Singapore, and six non-Chinese cultural contexts. The Affective Attachment and Deference subscales demonstrated full metric invariance whereas the Personal-Life Inclusion subscale was foun...
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Bu calismada, orgute guvensizligin onculleri ve bunlarin kulturlerarasi farklilik gosterip gostermedigi incelenmektedir. Turk (n = 19) ve Hollandali (n = 19) beyaz yakali calisanlar ile yapilan yari-yapilandirilmis gorusmeler sonucunda elde edilen bulgular, orgute guvensizligin cevresel, orgutsel ve kisisel degiskenlerden etkilenen bir kavram olduguna isaret etmektedir. Bununla beraber, orgute guvensizlik oncullerinin cogunun kisilerarasi guvende oldugu gibi (Mayer ve ark., 1995) yetenek, iyi ni...
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#1S. Arzu WastiH-Index: 18
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