Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo
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#1Jordan Hernández-Martínez (Universidad Santo Tomás)
#2Maria Rauch-Gajardo (Universidad Santo Tomás)
Last. Cristian ÁlvarezH-Index: 14
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Introduccion. En los ultimos anos se ha dado una mayor importancia a la medicion de la fuerza maxima de agarre de mano, sin embargo para hacer esta medicion se requiere un protocolo estandarizado de aplicacion, incluyendo procedimientos de calentamiento. Objetivo. Comparar los efectos agudos de cuatro tipos de calentamiento en la fuerza maxima de agarre de mano de mujeres sedentarias con sobrepeso. Materiales y metodos. Estudio ciego, aleatorizado y cruzado en el que se midio la fuerza maxima de...
#2Cristian ÁlvarezH-Index: 14
Last. Urs Granacher (University of Potsdam)H-Index: 33
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AbstractTo compare the effects of short-term (i.e., 7 week) plyometric training applied before (PJT-B) or after (PJT-A) soccer practice on components of physical fitness in young soccer players, a single-blind randomized controlled trial was conducted. Post-pubertal boys aged 17.0±0.5 years were all
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#1Estibaliz Romaratezabala (UPV/EHU: University of the Basque Country)H-Index: 3
#2Fábio Yuzo Nakamura (University of Chieti-Pescara)H-Index: 27
Last. Javier Yanci (UPV/EHU: University of the Basque Country)H-Index: 13
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: The aim of this study was to compare physical performance in amateur handball players of two different competitive levels. Thirty-four senior handball players were divided into two groups according to their competitive level (regional category: REG or national category: NAC). Although no significant differences were found between groups in any of the horizontal (HJ) or vertical jump (VJ) variables (p>0.05), NAC players obtained a better performance in the repeated sprint ability (RSA) test (RS...
#1Pascual Bujalance-Moreno (University of Jaén)H-Index: 3
#2Pedro A. Latorre-Román (University of Jaén)H-Index: 11
Last. Felipe García Pinillos (UFRO: University of La Frontera)H-Index: 10
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#1Javier Sanchez-Sanchez (Pontifical University of Salamanca)H-Index: 6
Last. Fábio Yuzo Nakamura (Pontifical University of Salamanca)H-Index: 27
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: Sanchez-Sanchez, J, Raya-Gonzalez, J, Ramirez-Campillo, R, Chaabene, H, Petisco, C, and Nakamura, FY. The increased effectiveness of resistance training on unstable vs. stable surfaces on selected measures of physical performance in young male soccer players. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2020-To examine the effects of 10-week (2/wk) resistance training on stable vs. unstable surfaces on selected measures of physical performance in young male soccer players, national-level U19 players pa...
#1Maximiliano A. Torres-Banduc (UDLAP: Universidad de las Américas Puebla)
Last. Daniel Jerez-Mayorga (Andrés Bello National University)H-Index: 2
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#1Ângelo de Almeida Paz (UFS: Universidade Federal de Sergipe)
#2Felipe José Aidar (UFS: Universidade Federal de Sergipe)H-Index: 4
Last. Albená Nunes-SilvaH-Index: 3
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Background and objective: Post-exercise hypotension, the reduction of blood pressure after a bout of exercise, is of great clinical relevance. Resistance exercise training is considered an important contribution to exercise training programs for hypertensive individuals and athletes. In this context, post-exercise hypotension could be clinically relevant because it would maintain blood pressure of hypertensive individuals transiently at lower levels during day-time intervals, when blood pressure...
#1Filipe Manuel Clemente (IPN: Instituto Politécnico Nacional)H-Index: 17
#2Ana Filipa Silva (IPN: Instituto Politécnico Nacional)H-Index: 2
Last. Yung-Sheng Chen (University of Taipei)H-Index: 2
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The aim of this study was two-fold: (1) to analyze the within-week variations of heart rate, session-rated of perceived exertion (sRPE), total distance, distance in 8.0–11.99 km/h−1, recovery distance in 12.0–17.99 km/h−1, distance in >18.0 km/h−1, maximum speed, number of sprints, heart rate variability, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and fatigue during training camps of a national futsal team; and (2) to analyze the relationships between load and the well-being. Twenty-eight men from th...
#1Mani Izadi (University of Gilan)H-Index: 1
Last. Saidei P
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BACKGROUND: Soccer players' leg muscular strength and power have been shown to be significant due to their association with soccer-specific performance including jumps, sprints, tackles and kicks. The aim of this study, therefore, was to examine the effects of an in-season in-field variable resistance training (VRT) program on strength, power, and anthropometry of junior soccer players. METHODS: A team of male soccer players were randomly assigned into Experimental (N.=10) and Control groups (N....
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#1João P. Barbosa (UBI: University of Beira Interior)H-Index: 1
Last. Daniel A. Marinho (UBI: University of Beira Interior)H-Index: 23
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Backpacks for transporting school loads are heavily utilized by children, and their mechanical advantages have been allowing children to transport heavy loads. These heavy loads may increase ground reaction forces (GRFs), which can have a negative effect on joints and bone health. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of backpacks on the GRFs generated by children during walking, running, and jumping. Twenty-one children from the fifth (G-5, n = 9) and ninth (G-9, n = 12) grades wa...
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