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PURPOSEAdverse effects of breast cancer treatment can negatively affect survivors’ work ability. Previous reports lacked detailed clinical data or health-related patient-reported outcomes (PROs) an...
Survivors of early-stage breast cancer may report treatment-related side effects that persist for several years after the end of primary treatment. Among these, fatigue and cognitive disorders are frequent complaints and can negatively impact quality of life. Cancer-related fatigue is a very prevalent and distressing long-term side effect among breast cancer survivors that typically improves after completion of treatment, although many patients report severe fatigue several years post-treatment....
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Background Corresponding with improved survival among patients with breast cancer, the awareness of the long-term effects of cancer treatments has increased. CANcer TOxicities (CANTO) aims to identify predictors of development and persistence of long-term toxicities in patients treated for stages I–III breast cancer and to characterise their incidence, as well their impact. In this paper, we describe the methodology used in this study and provide a first characterisation of the study population....
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Purpose Little is known about how a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment affects job-related outcomes in young women with breast cancer, who are an integral part of the workforce. We sought to describe employment trends among young breast cancer survivors.
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11562Background: Overweight and obesity are strongly linked to poorer BC-specific outcomes, quality of life and financial burden in cancer care. Weight loss interventions have the potential to impr...
11564Background: The interplay between breast cancer (BC) late effects, psychosocial and work-related factors in return to work (RTW) is not well understood. Previous reports were retrospective and...
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11566Background: CANTO (CANcer TOxicities - NCT01993498) is a French multicenter prospective longitudinal study dedicated to the quantification and characterization of side effects after treatment ...