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VU University Amsterdam
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Recent studies of temporary organizing and project-based work explain how organizational actors establish and maintain clear role structures and harmonious relations in the face of precariousness by engaging in stabilizing work practices. This focus upon ‘order’ undervalues conflict-ridden negotiations and power struggles in temporary organizing. This paper demonstrates that in temporary organizing conflict and order may exist in tandem. Drawing close to the collaborative dynamics in a large-sca...
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The academic debate on governance in project management is dominated by research that looks at the structure of governance regimes, but there is very little research on the micro-practices of governance as it actually takes place. This paper fills this gap by focusing on the governance practices of project employees and looking at megaprojects as cultural phenomena. Therefore, a one-year ethnographic field study of the Panama Canal Expansion Megaproject was conducted to examine the cultural prac...
#1Alfons van Marrewijk (VU: VU University Amsterdam)H-Index: 9
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By definition, complex megaprojects involve large-scale activities at geographical dispersed spatial settings. However, little attention has been given to spatial complexity of megaprojects. To fill in this gap, literature on organisational spaces has been explored to learn about the relation between spatial settings and organisational development. Furthermore, data on two longitudinal cases is used to explore this relation in megaprojects; the Dutch High Speed Train megaproject and the Panama C...
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine how project partners respond to contractually agreed collaboration in an infrastructural megaproject. Problematic performances of megaprojects have shifted away attention from the instrumental towards the interpretative, focusing on daily work life, practices, power, ambiguity and sense making in project organizations. Such an interpretative perspective helps to better understand practices of collaboration in complex mega projects, which the auth...
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In Belize, Central America, Mennonites are notably present in the entrepreneurial arena of the country. Mennonite entrepreneurs face numerous challenges in establishing and running their business, like acquiring the education and skills needed to run an organisation. The Mennonites often make use of the social capital present within the community. Social capital is an important source, which is obtained from a network of connections allowing persons or organisations to enhance access to needed o...