Julian B. Rotter
University of Connecticut
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#1Julian B. Rotter (UConn: University of Connecticut)H-Index: 28
Since the appearance of the monograph on internal versus external control of reinforcement (Rotter, 1966), which detailed the theory of "locus of control" and numerous empirical studies going back to 1957, a wide interest in this variable has been expressed in the social sciences. As is often the case, the concept has spawned a series of overlapping, more specific, and related terms. The monograph reviewed the history of this concept and introduced a definition that could be easily operationaliz...
In this article the construct of generalized expectancies for internal versus external control of rein- forcement is used as a model to present a brief on the importance of broad theory and training in theory con- struction and evaluation in psychology. Specifically, the extraordinary heuristic value of this construct is attributed to four characteristics: the nature of the definition, the careful imbedding of the construct in a theoretical context, the use of a broad behavior theory in construc...
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#2Julian B. Rotter (UConn: University of Connecticut)H-Index: 28
Abstract One hundred ninety-four females participated in a study of the ability of Mosher's (1968) Morality-Conscience (MC) Guilt Scale to predict ethical behavior in a situation that provided some opportunity for cheating. The results provide initial evidence for the existence of two subscales of the MC guilt scale: a Self-Punishment scale and a Moralistic scale. The two proposed subscales correlate differentially with the Interpersonal Trust Scale (Rotter, 1967) and differentially predict chea...
#1Julian B. RotterH-Index: 28
An impeller wheel for particulate material having a plurality of tubes radially positioned for impelling the material under the action of centrifugal force. The impeller wheel has a distributing rotor for the material at the axis of rotation of the wheel, the rotor having blades which are shaped to induce the material to be fed to the inner ends of the tubes in the stream of restricted width while the tubes are each rotatable about their longitudinal axis to bring different parts of the tubes in...
#1Julian B. Rotter (UConn: University of Connecticut)H-Index: 28
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Da ein Hauptziel dieses Buches sein soll, einige Personlichkeitstheorien zu untersuchen, erscheint es hier sinnvoll, dem Leser Hilfen an die Hand zu geben, mit denen er diese Theorien beurteilen und vergleichen kann. Wie der Personlichkeitstheoretiker bei der Beobachtung einer unendlichen Anzahl von Verhaltensweisen entscheiden mus, welche Aspekte des menschlichen Verhaltens fur ihn von so groser Bedeutung sind, das er sie naher untersucht, so mus der Student, der etwas uber Personlichkeit lerne...