Jörg Henseler
University of Twente
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Despite packaging sustainability aspects often being embedded in companies’ strategic aims, the structured implementation of such targets is limited at the operational level, where a product’s commercial viability (strategic fit, business case feasibility, and a limitation of commercial risks) and development aspects (timing issues, material use, and supply chain efficiency) are prioritized over desired sustainability goals. Packaging acts not as an isolated entity but as a part of a symbiotic p...
#1Shintaro Okazaki ('KCL': King's College London)H-Index: 32
#2Charles R. Taylor (Villanova University)H-Index: 32
Last.Jörg Henseler (UT: University of Twente)H-Index: 31
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Okazaki, S., Taylor, C. R., Vargas, P., & Henseler, J. (2019). Disasters, hope and globalization: exploring self-identification with global consumer culture in Japan. International Marketing Review, 36(5), 726-747.
#1Florian Lückenbach (Koblenz University of Applied Sciences)H-Index: 1
#2Carsten Baumgarth (Berlin School of Economics and Law)H-Index: 13
Last.Jörg Henseler (NOVA: Universidade Nova de Lisboa)H-Index: 31
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AbstractSocial Entrepreneurship Organizations (SEOs) aim to solve social, environmental or societal problems even as they strive to work profitably. The achievement of the social mission also requi...
#1Tamara Svenja Schamberger (UT: University of Twente)
#2Florian Schuberth (UT: University of Twente)H-Index: 4
Last.Theo K. Dijkstra (UG: University of Groningen)H-Index: 20
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Outliers can seriously distort the results of statistical analyses and thus threaten the validity of structural equation models. As a remedy, this article introduces a robust variant of Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS) and consistent Partial Least Squares (PLSc) called robust PLS and robust PLSc, respectively, which are robust against distortion caused by outliers. Consequently, robust PLS/PLSc allows to estimate structural models containing constructs modeled as composites and common f...
#1Michael KleselH-Index: 1
#2Florian SchuberthH-Index: 4
Last.Bjoern Niehaves (Folkwang University of the Arts)H-Index: 1
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Purpose People seem to function according to different models, which implies that in business and social sciences, heterogeneity is a rule rather than an exception. Researchers can investigate such heterogeneity through multigroup analysis (MGA). In the context of partial least squares path modeling (PLS-PM), MGA is currently applied to perform multiple comparisons of parameters across groups. However, this approach has significant drawbacks: first, the whole model is not considered when compari...
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Last.Jörg HenselerH-Index: 31
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#2Samuel Kristal (UT: University of Twente)H-Index: 2
Last.Jörg Henseler (NOVA: Universidade Nova de Lisboa)H-Index: 31
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Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore the reasons for the discontinuation of sports sponsor–sponsee relationships and categorize them. Despite the negative outcomes of a sponsorship dissolution, research on this topic is rather scarce. Design/methodology/approach The paper relies on an analysis of 24 historical cases and 19 in-depth interviews focusing on the Dutch soccer league. Several sponsorship disruptors are identified and clustered into four categories. Findings The four categor...
#1Jose Benitez (UGR: University of Granada)H-Index: 5
#2Jörg Henseler (NOVA: Universidade Nova de Lisboa)H-Index: 31
Last.Florian Schuberth (UT: University of Twente)H-Index: 4
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Abstract Partial least squares path modeling (PLS-PM) is an estimator that has found widespread application for causal information systems (IS) research. Recently, the method has been subject to many improvements, such as consistent PLS (PLSc) for latent variable models, a bootstrap-based test for overall model fit, and the heterotrait-to-monotrait ratio of correlations for assessing discriminant validity. Scholars who would like to rigorously apply PLS-PM need updated guidelines for its use. Th...
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