Siddharth Vedula
Babson College
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#1Siddharth Vedula (Babson College)H-Index: 4
#2Markus Fitza (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)H-Index: 6
We examine the relationship between the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem (REE) and the performance of U.S. venture capital (VC)-backed startups. We conceptualize the REE as a complex system and p...
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Diffusion of environmentally beneficial practices is often portrayed as either the result of regulatory action or the heroic leadership of powerful actors within an industry. But, is this character...
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This study examines how the social capital associated with communities embedded in a cluster enhances or ameliorates the influence of agglomeration economies or diseconomies on firm failure during ...
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Last.Cheng ShuH-Index: 3
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Market entry by entrepreneurs and incumbent firms began, leading to the category to formidably emerge, thus institutionalizing these new organizational forms.The process through which this market category formed and legitimization occurred among multiple audiences is theoretically understudied. We bridge this gap by empirically exploring such longitudinal trajectories using big data and social network analysis in order to understand the temporal evolution, relationships and implications in the c...
#1Siddharth Vedula (Babson College)H-Index: 4
#2Phillip H. Kim (Babson College)H-Index: 13
Abstract Founders face a variety of challenges while working to establish a viable start-up. In order to successfully overcome the many pressures that they face, founders must make difficult choices about how to allocate their time and how much effort to exert in their ventures. These founders are also embedded in a broader social context, and their efforts are influenced by external conditions. In this study, we examine one particular social condition—pace of life—and its relationship on entrep...