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No studies have examined whether positive emotions lead to favorable cardiovascular health (CVH) early in the lifespan, before cardiovascular disease is diagnosed. Moreover, the direction of the association has not been thoroughly investigated. Among younger adults, we investigated whether baseline positive emotions were associated with better CVH over 20years. We also considered whether baseline CVH was associated with subsequent positive emotions during the same period. Participants included 4...
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BACKGROUND: Heart failure (HF) represents an accumulated burden of systemic vascular damage and is the fastest growing form of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Due to increasing HF-attributable mortality rates, we sought to assess the association of the new 2019 Pooled Cohort equations to Prevent Heart Failure (PCP-HF) risk score with CVD and all-cause mortality. METHODS: We linked data for 6333 black and white men and women aged 40-79 years, whom underwent electrocardiographic examination from the...
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Background The relationship between long-term obesity and left atrial (LA) structure and function is not entirely understood. We examined the association of cumulative body mass index (cBMI) with LA remodeling using three-dimensional (3D) speckle-tracking echocardiography (STE). Methods The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study is a community-based cohort of black and white, men and women, ages 18-30 years at baseline in 1985-86 from four U.S. centers. This study includ...
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Importance: Long-term blood pressure (BP) variability has emerged as a reproducible measure that is associated with heart failure independent of systemic BP. Visit-to-visit BP variability may be associated with the risk of heart failure early in the life course and thus may be reflected in subclinical alterations in cardiac structure and function. Objective: To evaluate the association between visit-to-visit BP variability in early adulthood and myocardial structure and function in middle age. D...
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AimsCumulative blood pressure (BP) is a measure that incorporates the severity and duration of BP exposure. The prognostic significance of cumulative BP in young adults for cardiovascular diseases ...
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Abstract Objectives The purpose of this study was to compare the risks of incident heart failure (HF) among a variety of chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs) and to determine whether risks varied by severity of inflammation within each CID. Background Individuals with CIDs are at elevated risk for cardiovascular diseases, but data are limited regarding risk for HF. Methods An electronic health records database from a large urban medical system was examined, comparing individuals with CIDs with f...
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High blood pressure (BP) negatively affects brain structure and function. Hypertension is associated with white matter hyperintensities, cognitive and mobility impairment in late-life. However, the impact of BP exposure from young adulthood on brain structure and function in mid-life is unclear. Identifying early brain structural changes associated with BP exposure, before clinical onset of cognitive dysfunction and mobility impairment, is essential for understanding mechanisms and developing in...