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Abstract There is great untapped potential for farm mechanization to support rural development initiatives in low- and middle-income countries. As technology transfer of large machinery from high-income countries was ineffective during the 1980s and 90s, mechanization options were developed appropriate to resource poor farmers cultivating small and scattered plots. More recently, projects that aim to increase the adoption of farm machinery have tended to target service providers rather than indi...
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AbstractThe importance of building/maintaining soil carbon, for soil health and CO2 mitigation, is of increasing interest to a wide audience, including policymakers, NGOs and land managers. Integra...
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Abstract The combination of zero tillage (ZT) and crop residue retention can substantially improve soil structure and reduce the risk of erosion. Growing conditions for crops are substantially altered in such systems and the question whether specific varieties adapted to ZT conditions need to be developed is not answered. Most published research assessed Genotype by Tillage interactions, which are rarely significant, using genotypes generally developed under CT conditions. CIMMYT’s durum wheat b...
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Tillage and residue retention affect nitrogen (N) dynamics and nutrient losses and therefore nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) and crop fertilizer use, however, there is little information about residual fertilizer effects on the subsequent crop. Micro‐plots with ¹⁵N‐labelled urea were established in 2014/2015 on a long‐term experiment on a Vertisol in north‐west Mexico. N fertilizer recovery (NFR) and the effects of residual fertilizer N for summer maize (Zea mays L.) and the subsequent wheat (Trit...
In Central America, population and food demands are rising rapidly, while yields of staple crops, maize and beans, remain low. To identify the main factors limiting production, field trials were established in six maize- and bean-producing regions in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, representing about three-quarters of the maize-producing area. Potential yield-limiting factors were evaluated in 2017 and included: water stress, nutrient deficiency, pest and disease pressure, and/or inter-plan...
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En Colombia, el maiz es el tercer cultivo con mayor superficie de siembra despues del cafe y el arroz. A pesar de ello, es el pais con mayor volumen de importaciones en Suramerica y el septimo en el mundo. El maiz es uno de los cultivos mas relevantes en el sector agroalimentario en Colombia. La produccion de maiz aumento 76% entre 1961 y 2016, mientras la demanda crecio a un ritmo mas acelerado que la produccion. En 2012, se alcanzo un maximo historico de produccion de 1.8 Mt (millones de tonel...
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Research and development agencies, as well as policy makers and agri-food enterprises, need reliable data to support informed decisions that can improve the sustainability of agricultural landscape...
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