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Background The Baltic Sea Network on Occupational Health and Safety (BSN) (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Northwest Russia, Norway, Poland, Sweden) has paid attention to a problem related to national monitoring systems that provide statistical indicators of work injuries. In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Russian Federation, the rates of fatal work injuries have been much higher than the EU-15 average. Yet, the incidence rates of non-fatal work injuries have ...
#1Kari Kurppa (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)H-Index: 24
Indicators of work injuries, arising from national monitoring systems, are important outcome measures of occupational health and safety. However, underreporting of non-fatal work injuries (>3 days absence from work) is known to be common. Eurostat has pointed out to large differences between countries in the reporting level. According to Eurostat, the reporting is close to 100% in the countries which have a work injury insurance system (Finland, Germany) in which the compensation of work injurie...
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Objectives This register-based population study determined incidence rates of clinically verified asthma among woodworkers, other blue-collar workers, and administrative personnel employed in wood-processing industries in Finland. Exposure to wood dust was under special scrutiny. Methods All Finns employed in wood-processing industries were followed for asthma incidence via record linkage in the years 1986–1998. Incident cases included people with asthma reimbursed for medication by the national...
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#1Kari Kurppa (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)H-Index: 24
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: A sectoral network on occupational health and safety in agriculture has been established in Estonia as part of a project that provided support for Estonian accession into European Union. Participating organizations represent farmers' unions at county level, agricultural enterprises, workers' representatives, universities and agricultural expert institutions, and government agencies. The purpose is to provide a shared infrastructure that combines information and other capacities of several orga...
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This population-based cross-sectional survey assessed the prevalence of work-aggravated asthma symptoms and the effect of the work environment on the aggravation of symptoms of established asthma. A questionnaire was sent to 2,613 persons (aged 20–65 yrs) with asthma. The analyses were restricted to the 969 respondents who were currently employed. The effect of occupational exposure on the aggravation of asthma symptoms at work was assessed according to both self-reported and expert-evaluated ex...
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