Jeksy Jos Manalil
University of Calicut
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Hepatosteatosis is a complex disorder, in which insulin resistance and associated dyslipidemic and inflammatory conditions are fundamental. Dietary habit, especially regular consumption of fat and sugar-rich diet, is an important risk factor. Coconut and mustard oils (CO and MO) are medium-chain saturated and monounsaturated fats that are common dietary ingredients among the Indian populations. Present study analyzed the effect of prolonged consumption of the fresh and thermally oxidized forms o...
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The coconut oil (CO) contains 91 % of saturated fatty acids in which 72 % are medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) like lauric, capric and caprylic acids. In contrast to animal fat, coconut oil has no cholesterol. Despite this fact, CO is sidelined among other vegetable oils due to the health hazards attributed to the saturated fatty acids. Though various medicinal effects of CO have been reported including the hypolipidemic activity, people are still confused in the consumption of this natural oil....
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Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is an unrefined kernal oil, prepared from Cocos nucifera L., having substantial nutritional and medicinal value. Experimental studies have suggested its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulatory and hypolipidemic effects. The present study assesses its effect on formalin-induced chronic inflammation and cyclophosphamide (CTX)-induced systemic toxicity in murine models. Oral administration of VCO effectively reduced formalin-induced paw oedema in mice with more or...
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Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), extracted from fresh coconut kernel possess similar fatty acid composition to that of Copra Oil (CO), a product of dried kernel. Although CO forms the predominant dietary constituent in south India, VCO is being promoted for healthy life due to its constituent antioxidant molecules. High fructose containing CO is an established model for insulin resistance and steatohepatitis in rodents. In this study, replacement of CO with VCO in high fructose diet markedly improved t...
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A polyherbal formulation consisting of different proportions of Commiphora mukul (Hook ex Stocks) Eng., Salacia reticulata Wight, Terminalia arjuna (Roxb.) Wight & Arn, and Curcuma longa Linn extracts was tested for free-radical scavenging and anti-lipid peroxidative effects on serum and platelets in vitro. The most active formulation (GSTC3) was evaluated for its hypolipidemic potential on a high-fat, high-cholesterol diet (HFD) fed to male Wistar rats for a period of 45 days. At a dose of 100 ...
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